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WordPress restaurant theme
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Top 10 Best Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes


Are you looking for the best and most responsive WordPress restaurant theme? So, yes, you are in the right place. Here you will get the most notable themes, which will help you attract more customers. WordPress is the best and most unique option for making a restaurant website. WordPress will provide you with all of the fantastic and novel features you desire. Let’s see all the things in detail:

How to build the themes with WordPress?


WordPress is the best platform for creating a business website. With WordPress, you will get a wide variety of options.

  • You will get many templates in it.
  • It becomes easy to make the site with WordPress.

WordPress website:

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

WordPress.org is the best option for more options and choices. It will give you many templates and theme designs, which will make everything better for you.

Process of building your WordPress restaurant theme:

Building a restaurant website with WordPress is a simple process. Look at the below steps through which you can choose the best restaurant themes for your restaurant:

  • Make your WordPress hosting account.
  • Get a domain name.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Pick your favorite theme.
  • Now you can easily make your restaurant website.

Make your WordPress account and have a look at the below best list of the restaurant themes:

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Restaurant Themes 2022:

Choosing the best restaurant theme to help you grow your business is confusing. But why be so confusing when we are here? We will give you the most compelling themes that will help you make your restaurant the best. See below for the most notable themes:

1. DIVI:

  • Templates:

The theme DIVI comes with full, complete templates. You can design things in your favourite way. Choose the unique templates and make things more attractive.

  • Ready-made templates:

These ready-made templates will help your restaurant build a unique website. Get all the templates for free.

  • Demo sites:

You can also see the demo sites of the restaurants. The demo sites will help you es o things like how all the items look amazing.

  • Page elements:

You will get all the fantastic page elements with DIVI. Choose your favourite page layout to make your site unique.

  • Font and other styles:

The DIVI will help you control the colours and font styles. It becomes easier for you to make everything according to your preferences. You can choose your favourite font and colour style. Make your restaurant cool with DIVI.


Astra is the best and fastest WordPress theme for multi-purpose use. It is the theme that will give you in-built drag-and-drop builders.

  • Templates:

The whole template comes with the best scrolling option. Make everything better with the fantastic templates. 

  • Background:

You will also get the full header background with the ASTRA WordPress restaurant theme. Keep the background of the site in its best color.

  • Reservation option:

The theme is also offering you a separate reservation system. Customers can easily make reservations for their items with the help of the reservation system. 

  • Separate templates for the menu:

Get all the great templates for the menu page. Many templates will help you make the restaurant menu option unique.

  • In-built SEO:

With the ASTRA theme, you will also get in-built SEO. The in-built SEO will help you gain more traffic for your site.

  • Themes:

Choose your fantastic colour based on your ASTRA WordPress restaurant theme preferences. You can design the font and colour according to your preferences. It will be extremely useful if you are looking for themes for shakes and foodie items. 


Hestia Pro is one of the best-looking themes for your WordPress site. It is also a good choice if you are thinking of starting one. You will receive fantastic pricing sections with various templates. 

  • Templates:

All these templates will include coffee shops, food-related items, and restaurants. Choose the template according to your restaurant and make everything quick and simple. All the templates in the WordPress restaurant theme are unique and unforgettable.

  • Slider:

You will get the video header and slider options. This option will make the customer happy. It becomes easy for the customer to scroll through the things.

  • Homepage:

Get all the unique varieties of the home page on the HESTIA PRO. It becomes easy for you to handle the homepage with the Hestia Pro WordPress restaurant theme.

  • Other best options:

Take all the advanced blog options with it. This theme will also help you get your performance to its best level. It is the theme that will keep all your things in order. Style your website with the Hestia Pro.


Jevelin is the best option for making your website cool. You will find many different templates in it.

  • Templates:

Get all the separate templates, according to your choice. All the templates are maintained according to different criteria. like bakeries, cafeterias, and pizzerias.

  • Style:

There are a total of 50 unique styles in the WordPress restaurant theme. Choose the best style that will suit your restaurant. The style will make all things special.

  • Slider:

A slider revolution plugin is available to customise your slideshows. The slider option will further put everything in one place, which takes up less space on the site.

  • No need for coding:

Without any coding knowledge, you can easily arrange everything. Get the best WordPress restaurant theme that includes the best features. Make your business unique with the Jevelin theme.


Salt & Pepper is the best theme for designing your restaurant, bakeries, chefs, and cooking sites. This site is a stylish, full-screen WordPress restaurant theme that will attract customers. Make your website cool with the best background images.

  • Templates:

All the templates in the theme are appropriately designed. The templates will help you make the site more attractive..

  • In-built SEO:

You will get the in-built SEO in the salt and pepper theme. SEO will help you to gain more traffic to your site.

  • Layouts:

This theme will help you maintain all the sections separately for the ingredients. The different layouts will make it easy to separate things according to their importance.

  • Font and other styles:

Design the fonts in your favourite way with the salt and pepper theme. With this WordPress restaurant theme, you can easily make everything simple. The theme will give you new and attractive colors.

  • Other things:

The Salt and Pepper restaurant theme will also support the WPML. It also includes an Instagram widget. Others will help you put the foodie item photos in the footer. Choose this fantastic restaurant theme for your restaurant.


What an amazing website with all the templates present in it? Yes, seasons are the best restaurant theme which will help you to make your website the best.

  • Templates:

You will get the digitalized menu page with the season theme. Get all the different and unique templates you need to make the best possible restaurant theme. Choose one template among the varieties of templates with seasons.

  • Safety:

All the options coming in the Season WordPress restaurant theme are entirely secure. These will not cause any harm to your device.

  • Stylish:

Make your website navigation menu bar most stylishly. The navigation bar will help your customers to believe in you.

  • Themes:

Choose your favorite font with the season’s restaurant theme. The best font style makes you unique and different.

  • Background:

Design the background of your website in the most amazing way. The background is only the thing that will give a unique look to your website.

7. SWAY:

SWAY is the best restaurant theme to help you take your business to new heights. There is no need to learn coding to create a website theme. Yes, you can also say that it is magic! Create your restaurant’s website with the best SWAY.

  • Templates:

The templates of the SWAY restaurant theme make it easy for you to do the advertising of your restaurant. Make your restaurant unique with the best templates.

  • In-built templates:

Many in-built templates are categorized with many different styles. All the styles are amazing, which will make things easy for you.

  • Location option:

You will also get a location option that will enable the customer to trust your site. With it, you can gain many customers at your doorstep. Make all the things easy for your customer.

  • Other benefits:

You will get many options with SWAY, like the column for your photography. Photography is only the best option which will speak everything without explaining things. Reach the best customers with an amazing theme.


OCEAN WP is the best theme in which you will get many purposes. It is a restaurant theme that comes with many demo sites. With the OCEAN WP, you can easily design your restaurant, bakeries, and cafe sites.

  • Templates:

The theme will make it easy to add content to your website with a single click. You will get all the varieties of templates here. With the best templates, it becomes easy for you to express things.

  • Layouts:

All the OCEAN WP restaurant theme layouts are entirely perfect in themselves.

  • Quick and simple:

The theme will make your page load very quickly. The ready-made templates will make all easy for you. Within just moments, you can get everything in front of your eyes.

  • Reservation:

You will also get the ready-made builder options for the bookings in it. The reservation option makes things easy for the customer.

  • Other benefits:

You can get various free extensions with the OCEAN WP. Make the unique style with the different fonts available in it. You can also choose the background options with it. Design your website according to in your way.

Make your website complete with the best OCEAN WP restaurant theme.


PEARL is the theme that is meant for all types of businesses. This theme will help you to make your choice of favorite things. Various themes are present in the PEARL restaurant theme.

  • Styles:

The theme consists of the four-unique menu styles. The style is the only way which expresses your restaurant. Keep the style unique with your business

  • Templates:

You will get many templates with the PEARL restaurant theme. The PEARL templates will help you to design things uniquely.

  • Video templates:

The theme will also include many templates which will offer you to put videos in it. You can also set the video recipes in the different templates according to the designs.

  • In-built SEO:

It is the best theme which is coming with SEO optimization. The in-built SEO will help you to reach as much the audience.

  • Other benefits:

You can create many of the best things with the PEARL. The theme will allow you to choose the font of your style. Design the site with the best style and colors. Make your website unique with the best restaurant theme.

10. ROSA 2:

It is one of the best WordPress restaurant theme which will help your restaurant grow. Many parallax background effects will help you whole content beautiful.

  • Effects:

You will get many beautiful effects with the ROSA 2. The effects are the only thing that will make things better and unique.

  • Theme:

The ROSA 2 restaurant theme will help you style things in your way. You will get all the best themes with the ROSA 2.

  • Templates:

You can get the best templates with the ROSA 2 to design your blogs. There are many templates available according to the business. LIKE pizzerias, cafeteria, and many more.

  • Other benefits:

Design the menus in your way with the fantastic ROSA 2 restaurant theme. You can select the font and style of the words. The ROSA 2 makes things easy for you by providing the background color.

Look how easy it is for you to make websites with the best restaurant themes. With all of the top ten themes listed above, you will never have the opportunity to present your case. All the fantastic themes and templates will make your entire content unique and attractive. Get all the themes and make your business grow.

What are the things you have to look at before choosing restaurant themes?

Many things will help you make the restaurant theme best. But before choosing the theme, it is a must that you can look at the various items. Below is the list of the things which you have to look at in the restaurant theme:

1. Menu:

The one main thing which represents your restaurant is the menu option. The menu is the main thing that will help you show your restaurant.

  • Beautiful theme:

When choosing the restaurant theme, you must look at the designs and style of the menu because the menu option will make things easy for your customers.

  • Price option:

Your restaurant website will look more elegant if you choose the template that will reflect the price option with the items list.

2. SEO:

While choosing the best restaurant theme, SEO optimization becomes helpful.

  • Boost in traffic:

The SEO optimizing restaurant theme will help you to the blunder of traffic on your website.

  • In-built SEO:

Keep your thinking broad and choose the restaurant theme which has already had the in-built SEO in it. Many themes will give you the SEO feature.

3. Device supportive:

One main thing which is a must while choosing the WordPress restaurant theme is to look either it is mobile supportive or not.

  • Mobile supportive:

Choose the restaurant theme that will easily open on the tablets and phone. Keep the business themes attractive so that people start to visit your restaurant.

  • Layouts:

Keep your themes the best ones who will support all the layouts. The layout will help you to get the best options for your website.

4. Photo column:

At present, the only thing which will make your customers look at your site is the images.

  • Utilize your food photos:

Keep all the things simple and unique. Choose the WordPress restaurant theme, which will help you to choose the photos. Express your restaurant with the images.

  • Visitors:

The only craving for people in today’s time is food. You can quickly get more customers with the photo column in your business theme.

5. Reservation system:

It looks cool if you choose the business theme that allows you the reservation system.

  • Easy and simple:

Choose the restaurant theme, which gives the option to book your booking. It will save both your and customer time.

  • Get the most customers:

You can create most customers with the reservation system in your restaurant theme. And one necessary thing to keep in mind, i.e., it is compatible with WordPress plugins.

Above are the best things that will help you choose the restaurant themes. These are the simple things that can help you gain more customers on your website. What are you looking for? Are they work or not! Do not worry, and this will surely help you get the best things for your restaurant.

How will restaurant themes help you?

Choosing the WordPress restaurant theme is the best option that you are opting for for your business growth.

  • The restaurant themes will help you to attract more customers.
  • The themes can give you a short description of making the sequence of the items.
  • The themes will give your restaurant a unique category
  • The themes will make all the things in the best possible manner.
  • The themes will help in the increment in the profit of your business.

Yes, it is the best idea if you have selected to choose the restaurant themes. You will get many advantages with the restaurant themes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is it good to build the restaurant business with themes?

Yes, it is amongst the best idea which you will choose. The WordPress restaurant theme will help you make everything in a specific manner.

2. Which WordPress to choose for building the website?

It is good if you choose WordPress.org to maintain your restaurant website. You will get a wide variety of options here, along with many templates.


The above points make easy all the things for you. You are only thinking about getting the best WordPress restaurant theme to grow. Look how easy we had made all the things for you. Just choose any of the themes from above. And yes, you will get the best customers at the step of your door. Keep all the things unique with the fantastic templated of themes. Till the time, enjoy and have a nice day.

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