Why is SEO important in Digital Marketing

If someone tells you that half the digital marketing is all about SEO, you won’t be risking anything if you believe them.

That’s because SEO is a roadmap, a lead generator that helps people reach your website and content.

Without this lighthouse, your ship won’t be able to navigate in the ocean. That’s how much SEO important in digital marketing.

In essence, it can be considered as an automated form of human search habits.

Not just that, it also builds on those habits and suggests people what they should search next. With SEO, your website is reached organically through search pages without any marketing.

But why is SEO important in digital marketing? One reason is cost.

If you’re an SEO expert, you can do it yourself. Even if you’re not an SEO expert, you can hire one from Fiverr and get your SEO done.

This will be long term productive and will help expand your digital business over time. Another major element that makes SEO imperative has to do with the way search engines work.

SEO is basically a guideline for search engines in how to give importance to a certain website. If it has good SEO, it will rank higher, otherwise SERPs will show the website at the bottom. So, that’s why SEO important in digital marketing.

How Search Engines Work Digital Marketing?

Search engines are based on algorithms that coincide with human search habits.

When we go online and search for something, we tend to ask questions, enter keywords that are relevant to what we want to find.

Also, we tend to try different combinations of synonyms for a certain product or service.

These keywords are given special importance by Google and other search engines in ranking a website. This process of ranking a website on the first page of Google starts with crawling.

Crawling Digital Marketing

Crawling works like honeybees collecting nectar from different fields and flowers. Similar to that phenomena, bots from search engines go around the internet and search for content. These crawlers, or spiders, look for anything new on the internet.

The things that help crawl the content are SEO of the pages, including both on-page and off-page, external and internal links, and quality of content in terms of relevancy. When bots find something new, they create a web of content where all the links are connected.

It could be videos, text, visual effects, articles etc. this content is discovered by these crawling robots and is fetched back to the search engine servers.

Indexing Digital Marketing

Next is the indexing of the websites and content.

This is the storage at the database of search engines where worthy content is stored. All this content is brought at this place through the crawling of the web pages.

You can consider this as a beehive where all the nectar is stored and later converted to honey. Once done, the search engine then serves this content to the servers. Here, the preference is given to relevant and most valuable content. This is called ranking and we’ll discuss that now in detail.

Ranking Digital Marketing

Ranking is an arrangement of websites in a list from high value to low value. It’s the single most important factor in driving traffic and sales.

A higher ranking website gets more views, clicks, and has a higher conversion rate.

Many factors contribute to ranking a website on a search engine index. These include the content quality and uniqueness, the value it provides to the customers, customer satisfaction, and technical aspects of a website. For these factors, SEO important in digital marketing.

The parameters that a search engine uses include the following:

SEO of the content

At the start, this is a factor that makes a search engine rate a website higher. Later, other factors are weighed in and ranking is adjusted accordingly.

SEO makes your website more visible to a search engine and helps it recommend better to visitors.

Speed of the website

The higher the loading speed of the website pages, the higher it will rank as people will not have to wait. This is critical as people tend to give up and move on to another website if the loading speed is slow.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the time a website visitor spends on a website.

It mostly depends on the quality of the content, its true value to the customer, and the relevance of the content. If the content is irrelevant, people will just bounce right away.

If it is of low value, people will stay a little longer but will move on after a little while. That’s why the quality, relevancy, uniqueness, and the value of the content are vital.

What if you don’t optimize your content?

That’s a very good question. Your bitter uncle would tell you to get the hell out of digital marketing if you can’t optimize your content.

But we’ll advise you to consider many things and decide for yourself how SEO is not replaceable.

Firstly, you won’t rank without SEO for months, even years. Unless you’ve got a crazy idea that can sell like ice cream, you can’t ignore SEO at any cost.

Secondly, SEO is a measure of your knowledge about the subject. So, if you know about a topic, you’ll write it in a way that provides value to the customers.

That way, you’ll rank through naturally induced SEO. Otherwise, you’ll fail without SEO. So, SEO important in digital marketing.

Some great benefits of SEO

Effectiveness is not the only thing that is great about SEO. Other positives make it more favorable. Let’s discuss those briefly.

It’s free

Well, it’s free if you know the basics of it or are willing to learn how to do it. It’s not magic skill, or a divine power. It’s simple to learn and any good writer can adapt to good SEO techniques in a matter of days.
Alternatively, you can hire an expert at a reasonable price from Fiverr and get it done. It won’t cost you a fortune. You can also learn from Fiverr Learn program if you’re interested in long term personal development.

It’s effective without marketing

That’s the best thing about SEO. It’s highly effective without you need to market your website. Also, with marketing, you have to keep doing it and keep paying more and more with time.

With SEO, you just optimize your content once before publishing and it stays there almost forever.

This makes it a great need for digital marketing. Because when you’re in this field, you need to be active and present across all the platforms.

Otherwise, you can expect the desired results.

In a way, SEO is a passive method that makes it possible for you to focus on something else while it keeps working in the background.

It is ethical and natural

What we mean is that it works on the principles of natural inclinations of humans. We tend to group things together and with relevant information.

SEO does the same too. It makes it possible to categories your content in a relevant category such that people find it easily.

Also, it’s completely ethical and does not involve any malpractices. No doubt there are black hat SEO techniques that are unethical.

But, those practices are rooted out with time by the search engines thus only good and ethical SEO works for a long time. Thus, SEO important in digital marketing.

Final Thoughts About

Why SEO important in digital marketing

In this article, we discussed why SEO important in digital marketing.

We detailed how search engines work, how they rank websites, and what role SEO plays in this process. A website cannot function properly without proper SEO.

The reasons are simple, SEO makes the search more effective, thus search engines become better at fetching results. This way, they gain the trust of visitors.

That’s why they reward the websites with good SEO and value of content, penalize the ones with wrong practices.

In short, your website needs SEO. Why SEO important in digital marketing guide from us will help you to optimize your content according to good SEO techniques.

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