Why blogging is important in 2021- For students, business!

Why blogging is important in 2021- For students, business!


Blogging, commonly known as an online journal, started in the late 1990s. It has come a long way from its humble beginning of expressing thoughts to being the more informative tool companies, businesses, and professionals use to make their digital presence in the virtual world. Regularly updated blogs create visibility on the net, but it also helps big companies bring in more clients and work accordingly to stand out in the competitions presented on the World Wide Web. No doubt there are various advantages of blogging.

The present article is all about availing the brief information that why blogging Is important for digital marketing and how one can say that blogging is very important in the modern world.

Importance of blog in the modern world

Importance of blog in the modern world

Blogs drive traffic, engage customers through the content, keep the business outlook fresh, and help establish your persona as a brand. They are super-effective when it comes to building long-term relationships with your visitors. Due to these and many other benefits, blogging is important for digital marketing. A good and creative blog post can earn you thousands of new visitors if it goes viral. And, it does not have to have millions of views like a YouTube video to attract your traffic.

Only a thousand views of your blog post can be more effective than any video or Instagram post. The reason for this is that they help you rank higher in the web browsers. With one great post, dozens of other posts become popular too. And this becomes a permanent benefit as many of these visitors choose to stay through subscriptions.

Benefits of blogging for small business

Have you guys ever thought about how one can increase the sales of a small business through blogging? If not, then it’s a time you should divert your thinking on this path. If you are owning a small business like any making homemade chocolates or candles, just advertise your brand with a piece of content in your own creative words and then experience a bounce in your sales.

A small and simple blog can really be effective in increasing the sales and fame of a small business owner’s brand and can help them monetize well and earn a good amount of money.

Why blogging is important?

Blogging for business

  • Blogging allows you to share basic information about your business and its services, allowing you to share opinions and thoughts on specific topics. Blogging is a great way to create a personality for your company and makes your business more credible approachable.
  • Blogging is important for businesses to engage customers on a personal level. Blogging is known as an inbound marketing method that builds a long-lasting relationship and loyal customer base.
  • You can use blogging in your business to educate people about unique solutions and their benefits. You can inform them with facts and figures in a blog. You can do this by understanding their pain, troubles, problems, and emotions.

Be your boss

  • Create your own blog with the briefest and creative content, with the most appropriate use of the keywords and headings and you can monetize your blog and be your own boss in the field. your own crafted blog can earn a handsome amount of passive income and can help you be confident and independent.

You can earn according to your skills

  • Blogging is all about skills and creativity. The more creative you write and more helpful then it will be easy for you to earn more. A blogger can always demand for the worth of the blog as per the quality and uniqueness of the content. It’s all in your hand how you craft and content a blog.

Build your presence in the crowd

  • Blogging nowadays is very common. But not every blogger has earned some fame and money from this field. Bloggers can stand out from a crowd when they avail some special and creative writing skills. On the other hand, it is also equally important for a blogger to learn how to best present the blog content which can make them stand apart from the blogger crowd.
You can generate passive income.

You can generate passive income.

  • There are various online passive income methods without working actively for the whole day, and blogging is known as one of the best.
  • Now all these as mentioned people have the skills and knowledge, bit lack to sum up them. Blogging is a stream where they can exactly learn the amalgamation of both.
  • There are various methods to monetize a blog to earn passive online income. These include Google AdSense, Affiliate products, Facebook Audience network, sponsored posts, direct advertising, paid to blog, etc.
  • Even blogging is a passive income stream that IT people can utilize, but everyone can earn money online through a blog stream. Such as, Housewives can also generate enough income, students can create school fees.

Blogging and advertising

  • Blogging now in recent times is a great medium of advertising and marketing. Blogging is important role in the field of affiliation has o proven to be one of the best sources of passive income. A Blogger has to just be creative in advertising proper content and there it goes with a high splash of success and monetization.

Blogging for students

  • Blogging is important in Education that connects teachers and students on a personal level. After taking a class or before the course, any teacher can share the class topics and their importance with students in an article on the blog.
  • Students are connected with the internet these days more than ever, and it’s a great advantage for an academic and technical educational body provider to align students with the best career purpose through the blog.
  • There are many students, or almost all students search for class topics or essays on the internet. They need productive information about the subject they studied or will study. It’s all about knowledge and personal feelings students get from teachers that align with the educational goals.
  • Suppose teachers spend half of their social media, Facebook, Google+ times to write a blog for students. And students spend more time learning teacher’s blogs and experiment on a creative level rather than wasting time on social media and games. That’s why I think blogging is important for all education sector. And this is an excellent habit that teachers and students can follow in their daily life.

Blogging is important for SEO marketing

  • A regularly updated content can play a massive part in the success of your SEO strategy and marketing. Blogging basically increases the keyword usage and amount of indexed pages on your website, enabling search engines to rank your website higher or maybe in the best top 10 in search engine results.
  • To maximize the effectiveness of the content of your blog, list the appropriate keywords, content topics, and categories you wish your business to be found with, and use these keywords and related expressions in your blogs.

To build a better relationship with the user.

  • Business blogging is all about engaging with your organic audience. It offers an informal and information-providing approach in which customers get to know your platform and can learn about your products, achievements, and innovations with your own creative method.
  • By taking the time to create unique content that avails basic information, educates and entertains the audience too, you are showing your customers the human side of your business, which will earn their confidence and make them more likely to turn to you to provide the products and services they need.

Blogging for engaging organic traffic

  • Blogging is very commonly known as an ideal way to increase the amount of regular traffic your website receives. Providing exciting and relevant information to your audience will encourage repeat visits to your website.  
  • It is also essential to make your blog the foundation for all of your social media platforms. If you post links to your blog articles to your social media pages, it will give your social followers best reason to click through to your website. Posting inbound links in your blog articles can also drive traffic to specific landing pages of your website.

How to use blogs for marketing?

There are basic steps that how one can use blogs for perfect marketing strategies and can avail the best growth and outcome of the company.

  1. Set some goals
  • The basic idea behind this first step is to set a goal that can constantly motivate you and your employee to complete the goal and work harder to achieve it.
  • It creates a positive impact on the customers too and can avail the best impression.
  1. Pay attention to creating the unique blog
  • This is the second most step and is very crucial for any marketing strategy to bounce at a higher pace.
  • Blogging is important factor which can really help a platform to monetize well. Create a unique, concise, error-free and add a flavor of freshness which can be amalgamated well to generate the best blog for the product and company.
  • A blog should provide basic information about the product or the services and also about the company.
  1. Advertise about the blog on a social media platform
  • The third most important part for uplifting the growth and reputation of the company is advertising on various social media platforms. It avails the best impact on the audience. Nowadays, as social media is an integral part of the human routine, people can get awareness and information about the company easily from social media platforms.

What advantages do blogs have over other digital marketing channels?

Let’s now list the advantages blogs have over other marketing channels. This in no way means that you should not use another medium. That would be a big mistake.  The purpose of this list is to make you realize the importance of blogs and why they are indispensable. Mainly, blogs are used in unison with other marketing channels and play their part in marketing funnels.

They are an intermediary in lead generation and lead conversion. With blogs, you can turn many leads into successful sales. Also, blogs are now integrated with the websites, and hardly any website does not use one. They are personalized and conversational, which makes them user-friendly and accessible. Many articles published in one blog end up on another one later; this enhances the backlinks of a website. Here are some of the advantages blogs have over the other marketing platforms.

  • Blogs are cheap and inexpensive
  • They are low maintenance
  • You can easily manage them single-handedly
  • They are a great driver of traffic through SEO
  • They are super-SEO-optimized
  • You can quickly write a blog post a day if you’re a writer
  • They are great in link building
  • Content marketing needs a blog

What are some of the limitations (and their solutions) of blogging?

Blogs are not superheroes. Even if they were, even superheroes have limitations. Some limitations make it imperative for digital marketers to use different channels along with blogs. Most of these limitations are a product of new technologies. One of those limitations is the reach of blogs. While it’s true that blogs are influencing, they are mostly silent. What it means is that they are not glaring and loud like other digital marketing channels. But we’ll explain why blogging is important and still essential for digital marketing. Consider social media, for example. It has an elaborate outlook and has a lot of following.

Almost everyone has one or more social media accounts these days. But not everyone reads blogs, right? This makes it difficult to reach out to customers through blogging. Digital marketing professionals solve this problem by using social media to promote blogs. The sheer volume of users is not in favour of blogs. Today, billions of people use social media. This, however, is sometimes misleading. In marketing, social media is not as effective as blogs and websites are. The conversion rate for blogs and websites is way higher than that on social media. Thus, blogs are low in the volume of visitors. However, they are high in conversion rate.


Q.1. How will you make sure the blogging is safe?

There are few details that can be only identified by you in your blog and you must share those with your trusted people. You can avail yourself of the basic tips like, never post some confidential information about yourself in the post which may be misused in the future. Never share any private and personal feelings or incidences of your life in your blogs.

Q.2. Is blogging good for a career?

Yes, we can say that blogging is important and as well a good career and one can surely earn more when they have pretty creative skills about writing and advertising them.

Q.3. What are the features of a blog?

There are many features of the blog like it should be unique, creative, dynamic, displayed in a proper manner, should have presentable structure, and should be error-free. It should be interesting enough to engage the audience and pretend them to visit the blog regularly.

Q.4. How do you describe a blog?

A typical blog is described as an online journal where any individual, company, platform, or group present their activities, thoughts in writing form which can be a source of advertising and information.


To sum it all, you must know why blogging is important and essential for digital marketing to use effectively. The above discussion about why blogging is important for digital marketing must have convinced me that blogging is not only functional; it’s a necessity. Their benefits range from traffic to income generation, brand awareness to lead generation, content marketing to email marketing, blogs are essential.

The critical thing to remember is that not every blog is helping a website generate more traffic and income. Many bloggers make mistakes that cost them a good number of customers. Also, a lot of them are not familiar with the skills needed for successful blogging. In that case, you can learn the skills from Fiverr and enhance your revenues. Finally, there is no benefit in focusing only on blogging. There are video-based blogs now called vlogs. Also, social media is a massive part of digital marketing that must be used along with blogs. In short, blogs are super helpful and practical when used with other digital marketing platforms. 

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