What is Content Marketing in Digital Marketing?

Let’s find out all about content marketing and what it means in digital marketing world.

If you were alive about 30,000 years ago, you would still be familiar with the content!

Stories, adventure tales, hunter’s narrations, art, jewelry, stone carvings, and toys, they were all the content of that time. People shared and cherished that content and storytellers received some special attention.

After a while, poetry came along. Poets were some of the most attention-grabbing people in the society.

Later, some centuries ago, our forefathers put to use the attention that content generates for commercial purposes. That’s how content marketing was born in its modern form.

Snapback to today, and we’re still creating content and are using the attention that comes with it. In fact, today we have mastered the art of content marketing through various means.

For this, we have created myriad channels for content marketing. Every day, there are millions of creative content pieces add to the flooded market. A multitude of channels make sure that everyone can express themselves.

And in terms of business, no brand or service can survive without content marketing in today’s competitive market.

So, for this reason, we’ll discuss everything about content marketing for beginners and how it’s related to digital marketing.

Let’s dive in!

What is content marketing?

By definition,

“Content marketing in digital marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services”

In simple words, you create content that is relevant to the product or service and share it across the internet. For disseminating the content, you can use many available channels. When this content reaches the user, they read or watch it, and make a decision based on that content.

A successful content in this sense is the one that generates more and more interest and creates a sale at the end.

However, based on the type of content, its purpose can be different too. It might not be intended to generate a sales lead. Entities such as NGOs and governments use the content for raising funds and creating awareness respectively.

In that case, a successful content will be the one that has more clicks and reach toward the people. The more people share it, the more effective it’ll be. That’s where the creativity and imagination comes in. The more interesting the content, the more viral it’ll be, and the more brand awareness it creates.

Let’s now get into some more details about content marketing in the world of digital marketing.

What are the types of content marketing and their channels?

The technology of today is not moving at human timescale. It’s covering hundreds of years in one calendar year. The things that were impossible a decade ago are now literally on the fingertips of everyone.

Consequently, this has revolutionized digital marketing and subsequently, content marketing.

With every passing day, new channels of content and digital marketing are emerging. As of today, there are dozens of ways in which content marketing can be done.

For now, we’ll discuss the most popular and extensively used content media marketing platforms.

Blogging and websites: The core of content marketing

Blogging and website content marketing is the most effective type of content sharing and digital marketing. There have been many challenges to the dominance of blogs and websites, but so far the scales are not tipped in their favor. Newcomers end up creating more space for themselves and mostly add to the strength of websites.

With the start of social media and video sharing platforms, blogs were deemed on life support soon to vanish. This, however, has not been true for many years now. Still, the value of the website and blog has not gone down.

The biggest strength of blogs and websites is the details they provide to the reader. A website can incorporate videos if needed, but video platforms cannot add text effectively. This gives a blog and website an edge.

That’s why we recommend to use websites and blogs for content and digital marketing. If you want a website, you can visit SiteGround for the best hosting and development platform.

Video: The appeal to our attention-deficit visual senses

Video-sharing platforms, notably YouTube, are the most popular in content marketing. Pop culture loves video content and it has acquired a special place in our lives.

Younger generations are often accused of having a short attention span. This might explain why small videos on YouTube are more popular than the longer ones.

Similarly, on TikTok, there are only 30 seconds videos and people are madly in love with it. Other video content marketing platforms combine with social media. Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. all give an important place to video content t.

That’s why video content is gaining ground rapidly. Another reason for the popularity of video content is that it has ‘democratized’ the acting and performance. You don’t need a movie or a theatre to perform. There is no need to audition either. Just grab a camera and make a video on any topic you like.

Podcasting: The reincarnation of radio

Just when we thought radio had lost its importance in our lives, it took a new life and emerged in the form of podcasting. A girl with a mic would sit in her basement and would talk for hours. And, when she finished, the listeners crave for more!

Somehow, in the world full of glaring videos and Instagram modeling, podcasting came to light and became the new cool thing. Celebrities lined up to popular podcasters; debates and long-form audios became popular again, and content marketing found a new medium.

This new—not so new in technology timelines—cool has proved to be effective and inexpensive platforms for content creators and digital marketers.

Every day, millions of listeners tune in to podcasts and listen for hours the long audio and video podcasts. That makes it an incredible medium for content marketing.

Infographics: The left-brain craftiness for marketing

Remember that right-brain, left-brain hypothesis, well, infographics are definitely on the creative and colorful left side.

Or maybe “a picture is worth a thousand words” triggered the creation of the first infographic. That’s because you read 1000 words and don’t understand what you’ve read. Then, you see a picture explaining the same process and get the gist in seconds.

That’s because our visual perceptions are way stronger than text comprehension abilities. That makes infographics a powerful content marketing type in digital marketing. They are a great expression of creative abilities combined with marketing potential. People love small, precise, and beautiful images that convey important information.

Email: The veteran of digital marketing

The glare of videos, Instagram celebs, visual channels of content marketing fail against the effectiveness of email marketing. This is somewhat perplexing. These above-mentioned methods are so popular and in-fashion.

The reason is perhaps the personalized way in which email approaches you. It’s addressed to you and is meant only for you. The reader knows that only they are reading it and the message represents a personal connection.

This helps forge a long term relationship that transcends the materialistic interests. An emotional connection of some sort!

If you know email marketing, great! If not, then go to Fiverr, and hire an expert for your business.

Lead magnets: The glue that makes them stick

Lead magnets are the devices or incentives that content marketers offer their visitors. In return, the visitor to the website or channel becomes a permanent connection.

Many websites now offer some sort of discount, special offer, a service, in return for people signing up for their platform. Once they sign up, email marketing is used to reach out to them regularly.

EBooks: They appeal to our inner readers

Marketing is now at places where you least expect it. One such example is eBooks. Magazines have always played a part in content marketing but books were never a part of it. Except maybe for some ads at the back cover of the book. Other than that, there was no sign of marketing on books.

But today, eBooks are playing a great role in digital and content marketing. Major Websites and blogs have eBooks published to spread awareness about their brand. Many entrepreneurs now publish eBooks to connect with the readers on a personal level.

It is a fact that books have always helped create a positive image of the writer. For content marketers, it a great way to create4 a celebrity and expert persona in the eyes of their followers.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, content marketing is one of the most effective ways in which marketing works these days. In the future, it’s going to take up more space than it already has and will replace more and more traditional marketing methods.

In 2020, with the spread of COVID-19, there are major concerns for safety and people are staying at home. This will affect the way people do shopping and thing will move towards online businesses. Due to that, there’ll be more potential for content and digital marketing.

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