How to Add Responsive Social Media Icons in Blogger

Responsive Social Media Icons

When you add responsive Social Media Icons to your blog you increase the chances of community engagement through your blog post. The Era is changed and having an online presence in this era is a must! It is important that you have access to every location and get found by people… and that is done … Read more

Top social media trends for 2021 and Beyond!

Social media trends in digital marketing

Introduction Let’s look at some of the Social media trends in digital marketing and the Statistics related to digital marketing. With changing trends and techniques on social media, strategies of marketers have also been diversified. Social media examiners release their surveys annually. The purpose is to make us aware of the surprising statistics and shifts … Read more

Top Social media trends for 2021 and beyond!

Top Social media trends

Introduction Multiple choices of social media platforms are available for your business activity. However, choosing the right social media platform for digital marketing can be a bit overwhelming. Carrying your campaign on every social media platform may not be the right decision to make. The reason is that it takes a lot of attention to … Read more