Top Social media trends for 2021 and beyond!

Top Social media trends for 2021 and beyond!


Multiple choices of social media platforms are available for your business activity. However, choosing the right social media platform for digital marketing can be a bit overwhelming. Carrying your campaign on every social media platform may not be the right decision to make.

The reason is that it takes a lot of attention to focus on a single social media platform. For multiple platforms, you have to assemble one or two-person teams for each platform. And yes, assembling separate teams will increase your overheads.

So what’s the smart thing to do?

That is to choose the right platform and stick to it for all the marketing activities.

In this article, we will be focusing on analyzing the various choices that you may have. We will outline some of the most notable features of popular social media platforms for you. You have to pay close attention to analyzing these features whether these suit your business activity or not.

Let’s get started.

The right social media platform:

Eliminate the irrelevant choices:

Firstly, you have to determine your target audience. It’s all about focusing on the social media platform with exposure to your targeted audience. The choices available out there are for every type of person and business activity. You can connect with people of shared interests, demographics, and hobbies by choosing the right social media platform for digital marketing.

It is not possible to have social media footing on all platforms. Rather, eliminating the irrelevant ones and selecting the one which is close to your business mechanism is the real deal. Focusing on a single platform has its advantages including the fact that it gets your undivided attention.

Make sure that you don’t end up making classic mistakes that many people make.

Having your goals in mind:

Having specific and clear cut targets in your mind is the foundation of any startup. For one, your targets will make you strive for more and more till the point of achievement. These will help you in setting your social media marketing strategy as well as selecting the right platform.

Once the targets are set, the path to get to them will keep on aligning.

You can learn from Fiverr in this regard.

Determine your audience’s platform:

The whole point of using social media platforms is connecting with the audience. So ideally, you will focus on platforms that your target audience typically uses the most. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Don’t expect your audience to engage with you just because you have made a profile on the social network. It’s not a world of daydreaming. In the real world, you have to do much more than that. Analyze which platform is mostly preferred by your targeted audience. After determining that, try seeking them out after having a solid presence on that network.

There are several ways to determine which social platform your audience is hanging out. You can use the tried and tested method of customer surveys. Ask them where they get to know about you. Ask about their social media preferences and influencer on the internet.

Some social media sites can help you in this task as well. For instance, Facebook can tell you the approximate size of your targeted audience.

Examining the type of content:

Not all types of marketing content is suitable on every social media platform. You have to consider the type of your content and whether it goes with the brand’s social media presence. For instance, you can use Instagram for pictures and short videos. So, if your content is mostly long textual based then you have to consider some other platform. Content-type will vary on the industry to industry basis and can be in the form of following.

  • Blogs & Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars and live streaming sessions
  • User-generated content
  • E-books
  • Images and Videos
  • Real-life photographs

Pair your goals, audience and content type

After settling down, all you have to do is pairing your goals with your targeted audience and your personalized content. The stage is set for you at this time. You have to compare different social media platforms and analyze which one meets the expectations.

Here is a rundown of social media platforms and what to expect from these.

Social media marketing through Facebook:

Who doesn’t have an account on Facebook? With over 2.6 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most dominant social media platform. It is the pioneer in its category of online social meet-up.

Opting for Facebook as your prime social media platform requires an active marketing strategy. You have to pay more attention to the layout of your profile or brand page. On Facebook, the graphical presentation of your page and content will play the key role.

Facebook is used by most people for relaxation and entertainment purposes. Therefore, for better marketing experience on Facebook, keep a humanized and friendly tone. You can also opt for Facebook ad strategy which can result in your organic presence on Facebook.

Social media marketing through Instagram:

One of the most popular social media site is Instagram. With its introduction in 2010, it has lead the social media world and has active users of over one billion. In 2012, it was acquired by Facebook at a whopping $ 1 billion deal.

Instagram is quite popular among the younger generation specifically with its uniqueness as compared to other available platforms. Specifically designed as an image and short length video sharing platform, it has altered the shape of social networking.

From a business perspective, Instagram is suitable for:

  • Storytelling and visual content of brands
  • Products with connections to your emotions such as fashion, travel, and sports, etc.
  • Motivational content, quotes and video graphical content
  • Brands with technological gadgets and communication codes
  • Ecommerce with the help of visuals and enhanced images
  • Businesses on tight budgets for their marketing activities to target their audience.

Social Media Marketing through Pinterest:

As you may be aware, Pinterest has been a refreshing addition to the world of social media. It has based on the image collection theme which is ideal for you if you are dealing in retail business. Other than that, Pinterest has a wide number of users worldwide because of its cool and eye-catching content.

Anyone can benefit from Pinterest sales-driven ads on social platforms. Unique pinboards are used for displaying your product offerings.

The audience of Pinterest is primarily female so you have to consider this factor when you are choosing the right social media platform for digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing through YouTube:

YouTube has dominated the world of video creativity and is one of the most powerful platforms for your expressions. Brands worldwide try to get their content viral on YouTube however it doesn’t happen that often. You have to focus on creating content that is meaningful and useful for the audience.

If your marketing content is video, YouTube can be a perfect social hub for you. You can post your content on YouTube and share the links to various other platforms as well.

Never underestimate the power of video graphical content as it has the potential of doing wonders for your business activity.

Social Media Marketing through Twitter:

Most influential personalities around the world have social footing on Twitter. Well, Twitter has been a perfect option for broadcasting your verified updates to your followers. Not just followers, but other people also trust the source of updates from a particular account holder.

From a marketing point of view, you can access a large online community who take verified news on Twitter very seriously. A successful business strategy would be to mix up your official tweets, brand endorsing tweets, special promotional content and entertainment feeds.

Customer endorsements or positive feedback can be retweeted on your page.

People on Twitter expect dialogue and communication so try interacting with them on a humanized level as much as possible.

Social Media Marketing through LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is more of a professional social marketing platform. Professionals from all over the world can be found on a single platform that is LinkedIn. For getting access and dialogue with professionals of every field, no other platform offers better services than this. So, you can share your business ideas or content with like-minded people.

LinkedIn may give an impression of posting jobs or employment opportunities hub. However, it can be much more than that.

LinkedIn can be used for the development of a solid brand profile. Your connections may be asked to give recommendations on your brand profile which will make it more and more credible. Also, if you need help of any sort, simply ask and you will be surprised with the amount of response.

It is probably the most authentic network of professionals and a highly responsive audience in one place.


Social media is an indispensable tool that can take your business to new heights provided with the right marketing strategy. You can gain unlimited exposure of the audience which can be converted into leads and generate sales. Social media has truly revolutionized the way of doing business altogether.

The trick is to analyze your business requirements and choosing the right social media platform for digital marketing. In that way, your efforts will be towards the right track.

We truly hope that we have catered to your needs through this article.

Best wishes in your marketing campaigns.

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