Social media marketing made simple
Social media marketing made simple
Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing made simple


Social media marketing made simple for beginners will explain the basics of social media and how you can use it for marketing.

In the current social media world, it’s hard to escape from several social platforms available. It has become the fastest growing online meet-up place there possibly can. It has surpassed the growth rate of the internet itself if you analyze the worldwide spike in social media users. Statistics show that within 10 years of launching the first social media platform, it has collected over a billion users.

To look at it from another angle, social media have reached one in every six people in only 10 years. For instance, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users. And users of other social platforms are also in staggering numbers.

Social media is a world on its own, with the addition of a very closely linked community. It’s a network of people that is interlinked with no consideration of boundaries. You can be from opposite world poles and still connect sharing your everyday activities.

That’s the power of social media for you. Worldwide connection with no boundaries.

People have become so much addicted to social media that they use it multiple times per day. With smartphones being quite common now, people are found glued on their phones which has become a form of obsession. New terms have been introduced in this regard. defines “Nomophobiato be the fear of being without a mobile device, or beyond mobile phone contact.

Through this article series on social media marketing, we have tried to evaluate this topic in detail. Social media presents tremendous marketing opportunities especially for the promotional activities of businesses. For entrepreneurs and people looking for startups, this article will show you how social media can be used for marketing.

We will be covering step by step guide for how social media marketing made simple with a few most popular platforms.

How Social media marketing made simple

Definition & Overview

Social media marketing can be termed as a process of tailor-made content with the end goal of generating user engagement and sales conversions.

As every other business activist is desirous of maximizing online traffic, social media can do that. You simply have to perform on each social media platform with your unique content.

You have got be picky in choosing the right platform for you. Not every platform will be suitable for you. For instance, some platforms are best for blogging content. On some, you will find video content to be the master. And on another, pictorial graphics will be found doing the job perfectly.

So, the response on your content will be directly proportionate to the choice of platform. And it will vary on the platform to platform basis. Each platform will have different demands from you and you have to change your strategy accordingly.

You need to stand out among the crowd in this changing world of social media marketing. So your strategy should be based on platforms that are tried and tested by market experts for years. Betting on something new may or may not work for you but it depends on your risk appetite.

Let’s describe some of the social media terms for better understanding.


Whatever you are posting on social media platforms for interaction with your customers can be termed as your content. It doesn’t matter if what you post is a promotional offer, news, or an educational article. It could be your Facebook status, a photo on Instagram, and a tweet on Twitter and it’ll be content still. The main thing that you should be attentive to is the context of your content.


The context in which you deliver your content will determine if it’s a hit or not. It’s all about how you present your content. So for instance, a great joke hidden in a 2000 word article may not be seen by most people. However, if you deliver the same in the form of a tweet, chances of it going super hit increase tremendously.

The same goes the other way round. You may not be able to summarize a good length paragraph in your tweet. It will lose its meaning.


Hashtags are a very common form of engaging a wider audience on social media. It’s for adding Meta information which is more accessible to worldwide social media users. Hashtags are used on every social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram & Pinterest. You can say these are for marking and devising the current trends for the easy approach of users. In this way, sharing of your content multiplies, and chances of sales leads increase tremendously.


You can term sharing as the currency of social media metaphorically. Whether your content is followed by the audience or not, can be judged by the number of shares it gets. You may have an impression that click through and potential reach is utmost important things. However these will not be able to circulate your content further to other people.

Sharing circulates your content to people that you would not have reached otherwise. When a handsome amount of your followers start to share your content, it’s great for you.


You can say that engagement on social media platforms means your interaction with people. This can be in any form of interaction such as like, comment, message, or sharing of content. The more you are engaging your followers or customers, the more you’ll gain loyal attention.

We’ll analyze just a single social media platform for you in this article. Detailed analysis of other social platforms will be done in the coming chapters of this series.


Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends in their dorm room in 2004, it was initially accessible to his college fellows at Harvard. Soon, the potential of Facebook was increasing and it went to Ivy League colleges. Later in 2006, Facebook was launched for everyone and soon it was the biggest thing that happened in years. The idea generated in a dorm room had exploded.

You can safely say that Facebook is the biggest social media network there is. Being the biggest network, marketers are most interested in it for promoting their business activities. The introduction of Facebook ads was a revolutionary idea not only for marketers but also for the customers as well.

Context on Facebook:

Utmost possible liberty is on Facebook in the form of images, videos, texts, and other stuff. However, limits are in regards to the integrity of your content which Facebook expects from its users.

Business Manager:

As a marketer, you need to know about Facebook Business Manager Tool. This can as an online manager for your business ads, pages, and followers. And the best thing is that it won’t cost a thing as it’s almost free. Just click on the landing page of the Facebook Business Manager. Click on the top right corner of ‘Create Account’ and fill out the required information and you are good to go.

Advertising options:

With Facebook, you will be able to get the maximum out of your digital marketing campaign. You can specify your target audience based on demographics, age, particular interests, and other characteristics.

Auto segmentation by Facebook is what every marketer wants, targeting a particular market portfolio. With demographics in play, you can choose where your advertising content displays. Facebook offers auto ad placement but you can choose to opt-out of it and select the location yourself.

After all, who knows your target audience better than you?

Lookalike Audiences: For the sake of argument, let’s say you happen to find a good volume of your target audience. Well, good for you. Finding your target audience in good volume is not a quick and easy task. It will surely test your nerves.

But does your job end there?

No, you have to take it to another level.

When you find your ideal audience, you can use it for this purpose.

Facebook has a feature of a lookalike audience. There, you can create a lookalike audience having the same characteristics as your existing one.

To sum up, if your existing audience is performing well, you can expand your sample with a similar audience. That 2nd volume of similar audiences should perform at the same level as well. In this way, you can streamline the process of finding and segregating a new audience, particularly your target audience. Expanding your audience is quite easy in this way.

This opportunity is available through Facebook, which no marketer wants to miss out on.

Final Thoughts

Alright, that was all we could explain in a single article to summarize and how social media marketing made simple for you. You can have an overview of social media and a single most used platform i.e. Facebook. Social media has much more to offer and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Competition is getting aggressive day by day therefore, you need to establish a solid social media presence as soon as possible.

Figure out your goals, short term targets and start knocking them down.

We hope that through this article, you will get a broad picture of the vast world that is social media.

We are open to resolve any queries that you may have.

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