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SEO tools  for digital marketing as they help trim your tasks to a manageable extent. You can analyze, optimize, research, and implement the findings after complete evaluations through these tools. For this reason, we’re discussing some of the best SEO tools for blogging and digital marketing. Below is our

Best free SEO tools for 2020

These tools will help you in digital marketing tasks that otherwise cost you a lot of time and effort. Also, these tools for SEO help you in powerful analysis and making informed and effective decisions. The adage, time is money, is extremely valid in digital marketing and SEO tools help you save your time and therefore your money.

These tools also help in foreseeing the future and help you detect any new trends coming on the horizon in the near and distant future. So, make sure you learn to use these tools before moving forward.

Best free SEO tools for WordPress

Must-have SEO plugins for WordPress

Below are the best free SEO tools for WordPress that’ll help you a great deal.

  1. Google Analytics: Should you use the tool? 

    The answer is yes, and you should use the tool. This tool helps you to monitor every detail about your target audience and the people visiting your website. 

    You can track down these things on a real-time basis if you download Google Analytics- 

    • Audience 
    • Behavior 
    • Conversion rate
    • Acquisition 

    The Acquisition tab will help you with a breakdown of your total traffic. Like wherefrom is the maximum traffic coming, which platforms suits the best and many more details like that. 

    Once you have installed it, Google Analytics gives some for collecting data and check the results it gives per day. 


    Google PageSpeed Insights- how much impact does a page have on SEO or Search engine rankings? 

    Earlier, the answer was NO, but with time-evolving and Google updates, it has been made clear that site speed has a massive impact on site ranking. 

    Make sure that you are using Google PageSpeed Insights to ensure that you are not lagging in this area.  

    Once you install the tool and put the URL, these are the results it shows- 

    • Speed 
    • User’s Feedback 
    • Things that need to be fixed

    Make sure that you score 100 or scores near 100. If you find your scores incomplete, consider changing them, and do not miss out on the guidelines under the “Consider Fixing” headline. 

    Tip- Make sure to check both the Page and Mobile Speed of the website and score high for both.  


    Similar Web: Want to explore the performance of your website across various metrics? Interested in having a glance at your competition? 

    SimilarWeb will do both of these for you. This tool is not only free, but it does both the work for you. Moreover, it is effortless to use, and the data format they present is also straightforward and user-friendly. 

    This website presents lots of Information, hence do not rush only by looking at the page speed. Look for the Review section too that has detailed and make a note of the relevant SEO data that needs that can be helpful for your next SEO campaign. The changes that can improve your SEO and marketing plan that can improve your rankings.

    It is not like you need to use SimilarWeb daily, but through this tool, you can always keep an eye on the health of your website and keep track of your competitors too. 


    SEO SiteCheckUp: Are you one of those who assume that Search Engine Optimization is a complex and arduous task? And you cannot solve the complexities of SEO? 

    We understand that being a beginner that natural to have an assumption like that. But when you have the right tool, you can easily cope up with all of them. 

    One highly effective tool is the SEO SiteCheckup. Not only does it come with diversified features, but also it has no limit- 

    • SEO issue analysis 
    • Monitor SEO 
    • Monitors Competition 
    • Creates complete SEO reports 

    You can have a demo by running a website for free results. You can put the link to your website on the search box of your home page. Look for the results- 

    If you are a lucky person, you will receive perfect results. And that is the indication that you are proceeding flawlessly with SEO. 

    You should not expect a high score from this. There are chances where you need to change and have at least SEO that needs to be addressed. 

    TIP- Running the site check-up is only the initial step, but if there arises any issue, look for the “how to fix” button and resolve the problems it shows. 

    Having this digital marketing tool for your website is bliss, as it will show you where your website stands from the SEO perspective. If you follow your site’s issues and consider improving them, you can surely upgrade your site’s ranking. 


    Google Search Console- Still, not using this free and powerful tool?

    Millions of people still don’t use this powerful tool and want to track down their website’s issues.

    This is another free digital marketing tool by Google. This gives you a clear idea about how your website is performing and is a must-use tool for every small business holder. 

    The Dashboard provides your site’s overall health and using this tool, and you can get many benefits that can help you fix your site and increase its ranking- 

    • Search Results 
    • Links that your website has 
    • Internal Links
    • Manual Actions
    • International Target Audience Response
    • Mobile Usage

    Through Search Analytics, you can analyze your site’s performance on Google search and find accurate results to track down your analytics results.

    Make sure you do not track the links that your website has but also the available data on your website, along with the most linked pages.

    When you dig deeper with Google Search Console, you will find more details about your website. Remember that your data are updated on a timely basis, so do not freak out just by having a glance at the Dashboard. Have a check on the Google Search Console at least once a day.     

  2. Yoast: This is probably the first plugin you should install once you set up your website and are about to publish your first article or other content. This will help you in efficiently optimizing your content.
  3. WP Rocket This plugin will help you speed up your website by clearing cache and other irrelevant data. You must add it to your website as today, website speed is a major factor in website rankings.
  4. OptinMonster This plugin will help you increase the conversion rate on your website. It creates a holistic environment to make your customers stay on your website. Again, this increases your website rank and authority.

Best free SEO tools for Website

The search for the best free SEO tools online can yield a lot of results but not every tool is effective. There are many Small SEO tools for keyword research and website audit. The list explains the most effective one for you.

  1. Ubersuggest This tool will help you analyze web traffic, site ranking status, and keyword research for your SEO needs. You can use this for many other purposes.
  2. Moz Bar This tool has perhaps the most authoritative and is considered a standard when it comes to website rankings. Use this to analyze your website’s on-page SEO. Install Moz Bar on your browser and get real-time data for your competitors.   
  3. GTmetrix Wanna know if you’re website opens with good speed and is mobile friendly? GTmetrix is your best friend for that. We advise you to check your website regularly on this platform for optimization.

Best free SEO audit tools for digital marketing

Now let’s take a look at the best free SEO audit tools for digital marketing that can help you a lot and make your work much easier.

  1. Woorank This free SEO auditing tool is a must-have for website owners and SEO professionals. It’ll help you analyze your website, On-Page, Off-Page, backlinks, and other website-related issues are best resolved through this best free SEO audit tools.  
  2. Raven tools this free SEO audit tool is best for technical SEO problem identification for website owners and SEO professionals. Learn to use it and you’ll see the benefits within no time.
  3. SEMrush Known for many practical utilities, SEMrush is also great for online SEO audit for websites. Make sure to check it out as it’s one of the most trusted SEO tools around.

Best free SEO keyword tools for digital marketing

There is a great number of best free SEO keyword tools available online that’ll help you in searching keywords that can rank high on Google and other search engines. Below you can find the best free SEO keyword research tools.

  1. Keyword Everywhere This freemium tool is available for both paid and free users. You can search keyword volume, traffic, competitor keywords, and much more. The paid version is also inexpensive but you can always use the free one if desired.
  2. Keyword Surfer This free tool gives you great insights into related keywords along with the volume and ranks of different keywords.
  3. Ubersuggest This is again a multi-purpose tool that can help you a lot. It has great insights into keywords and competitor analysis.
  4. SEMrush You can use this best free SEO keyword tool for free to a limited extent but it suffices for your needs mostly
  5. Ahrefs This is again one of the best SEO tools for digital marketing and therefore is among our best picks.

Best SEO tools for content writing

Now, it’s time to take a look at the best SEO tools for content writing. Working in digital marketing, you’re bound to come across content creation and writing content to some extent. There are plenty of tools for you and we’ll take a brief look at these free tools for content writing.

Best plagiarism checker and content writing free SEO tools

  1. Grammarly is at the top of the list when it comes to the best SEO tools for content writing. It’s also among the best Small SEO tools if you’re an article rewriter.
  2. Copyscape is one of the best tools for plagiarism check online. Its services are not free though.
  3. Dupli checker This one is also an amazing tool for checking duplicate content and it’s a free online tool for SEO as good content is good for SEO.
  4. Hemingway editor Hands down the best tool for checking your writing and sentence structure. It helps you optimize your sentences to meet all the SEO requirements online.  

What’s next in best SEO tools for digital marketing?

Well, there are always new tools coming up and you can always update your list as long as you’re satisfied with your work. Make sure to help others in sharing this article. Also, if you’ve got a suggestion for us, make sure to write that in the comments section.

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