7 Most common mistakes to avoid in social media marketing

In this article, we’ll elaborate on the most common mistakes to avoid in social media marketing.
Every entrepreneur wants his/her brand presence to be felt on different social media channels. Nowadays, a brand becomes a talk of the town if it succeeds in making an impression on the crowd. Social media is an effective way to promote your brand, grow your customers, and make revenue. A practical approach is to reveal your product to a massive audience. Seems simple? But how to excel in doing the best without any errors? Committing mistakes in social media leads to audience count drop, in conjunction with your yields.
It’s a common response that social media is not working for us in getting the desirable sales. Well, there is no fault in social media; it’s just that you are not using it the right way.
Mistakes made on social media networks have the power to destroy your brand, as news on social media escalates rapidly.
This article will provide you with the insight of possible major mistakes marketers make, without realizing them. It’s scary to admit your mistakes, but it’s the first step for improvement. This article will guide you about the mistakes you need to avoid and the strategic approaches to overcome them.
If you found yourself stuck on social media, our article will help you in getting something useful.
Let’s start our journey!

Most common mistakes to avoid in social media marketing

Let’s start with the most common mistakes to avoid in social media marketing. These are the ones that we encounter the most when helping our clients. Make sure you don’t become a victim of them.

Most common mistake#1: Starting without a social media marketing strategy

Executing without a marketing strategy eventually leads to a wastage of time over nothing. You may be spending a lot of time but in the end, you are just aiming in the dark. Social media has the power of wasting your productive time without providing you any benefit. You need to start with a social media marketing strategy and firmly stick to it.
Starting with profile, don’t just load it with content to attract the audience without a clear marketing strategy. In that scenario, you’ll turn your page into a barren land with followers regretting the decision of connected to you.
Predefined plans will help you fulfill your goals. You have to complete your milestones making sure your time is not wasting on unproductive activities. Any marketing strategy must include:

  • Plans/goals which need to be achieved
  • Target audience for your brand
  • Campaigns for promotion of brand
  • Fruitful investment of time
  • Efficient team members

You can learn from Fiverr Learn if you’re not familiar with making content strategies.

Most common mistake#2: Inability to deal with negative feedback

To achieve success, you have got to take the road facing criticism as well. But not everyone dares to take it positively. Brands also make this mistake. Giving lame excuses for negative feedback and later apologizing makes the situation worst.
One of the greatest fears in social media is that negative criticism will destroy the reputation of the brand. Instead, take it as a chance of improvement. Try to understand the shortcomings in your product which the user is describing and come up with a solution.
This is another one of the most common mistakes to avoid in social media marketing.
The negative feedback regarding any problem can be resolved by fixing the problem ASAP and responding to the negative comment. Never delete a negative comment, instead respond to your negative comments with positive assurance. Don’t argue with your customers otherwise, the issue will escalate further.
To deal with criticism, respond to people with an assurance to make it better or set up a suggestion box to give the value of their comments. Give your audience a timeline and details of your action in resolving the query. A fact-based response is preferred by the audience. Personally, show regret and apologize.
Don’t panic!

Most common mistake#3: Forgetting about the customer service

Social media is about people being social, communicating with others. For a brand, showing personal touch helps to increase the number of audiences. Your audience will never like giving their precious time to a robot. While responding to a comment, personally address the person making them feel special. Besides sale benefits, customer service also helps in calming down a customer.
Deal with the negative feedback with understanding your audience opinion and personally communicating with them. Customer services are no longer a formality on social media. It’s a great way of keeping customers attach to your brand.
Not engaging with your customers shows your lack of interest in communicating with them. Try to respond ASAP on your audience comment to engage more.
Your engagement on your page is a source of follower growth and higher engagement rates.
Keep this one of the most common mistakes to avoid in social media marketing in mind, next time you’re interacting with a customer.

Most common mistake#4: Little interaction with your audience

Social media is all about your presence. Less interaction with your audience leaves them with the impression that the brand isn’t interested in listening to its community. As a result, your brand will lose real followers.  Losing followers mean you have a minimum amount of support.
Some brands attract the audience by sharing prizes to participants. It’s a good approach but sometimes these followers are only interested in your gifts rather than your content. There is a need to build up a network of real people.
Creating up a page doesn’t mean your task is done. You have to take several steps to create a fan base.

Most common mistake#5: Overlooking the variety in content

Posting the same content every time seems so boring. Why will anybody give a second chance to go through the same content on your channel? Well, the same is the case with social media marketing. You are communicating with your audience through your words and visuals. Try to diversify your content every time you post something.
If you are always posting self-promotion, you are going to lose your audience. Try to come up with your blogs, articles, videos, or photos. People love to know the real you. Give them a chance to explore your views, your style, and your brand culture. Diversify your page by sharing the link of other relevant content.
If you are using more than one channel, don’t go for the same content for each one. Every channel has its strength, features, and diversified audiences’ interests. So, each time your content must be distinctive based on the audience interest.
Use engaging content to attract your audience. Don’t post just for the sake of posting but for your audience to relate themselves closely to your content.

Most common mistake#6: Giving no importance to the metrics

Social media not only helps in the promotion of brand; also track your progress allowing you to change your strategies accordingly. Ignoring the performance of your campaign will keep you stuck at the place from where you started. You have to track your metrics on social media.
Having a clear idea of your audience, growth of your posts, and impact on the audience, will help you succeed.
You can take action only after knowing which campaign strategy is giving you the most profit.
And here come the metrics!
Closely analyze Google Analytics to know the traffic on your page. This will give you a clear idea of whether your content is great enough to attract an audience or not. Analytics will provide you insight in:

  • Reaction of your audience on your posts, sudden increase or decrease in engagement.
  • Communication of the audience telling you about their experience with your brand
  • Which channel is providing the best sales?

If you are not analyzing these, give yourself a hold. Thoroughly evaluate your analytic data to spend your precious time and effort in the right direction, benefiting the most.
If you’re struggling, try hiring an expert from Fiverr. That may make your life easy.

Most common mistake#7: Skipping a social media team and policy

Social media is not as simple as it seems. Dealing with social media without a team on behalf of a brand seems like a nightmare. Considering yourself as a master of all trades is the biggest mistake. Realize the fact that you can’t grow your business alone.
Here comes the team!
Some people are just corded closely with social media. Your team will help you make your goals work. A team must include

  • Communicator
  • Analyst
  • Product expert
  • Coordinator

Chose the custom-oriented people who can handle your social media for you. With a good team, don’t forget a great policy to save the brand’s reputation and get rid of other issues.
A perfect policy bounds the team members to:

  • Not post any confidential information related to the brand
  • Handle negative comments smartly
  • Not post anything wrong about customers

Keep your brand image high by working with efficient team members and a great social media policy.

Final thoughts

There are small steps that can make or ruin all your efforts. Just start with the basics and build your brand image on it. Always try to perceive your brand from a customer point of view. The not-so-obvious mistakes do play a role in bringing an end to your social media campaign.
We hope this article will help you realize your mistakes and to go for a strategic approach. We have tried to come up with possible solutions to these mistakes as well.
Don’t lose hope if you have made these mistakes in your campaign, as there is always a way to grow. As a newbie, we hope this article will make your campaign error-free.
Happy posting!

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