How to use blogs for digital marketing?


You won’t find a digital marketer who is successful but not uses blogs for digital marketing. That’s because blogs are an essential element of content marketing strategy and digital marketing plans. There are many reasons why blogging is necessary for digital marketing, and that’s why they are prevalent. The current article about how to use blogs for digital marketing is based on availing a brief idea about how a blog plays an essential role in digital marketing.

But, knowing the importance of blogging is one thing, and using blogs effectively is another. It’s like learning all about basketball rules does not make you a great basketball player. To use blogs for digital marketing, you need more than information; you need a practical approach.

This approach includes a content creation strategy, quality of content on the blog, and SEO optimization techniques. Along with that, social media marketing, guest postings, and link building are also important. A skilled blogger and digital marketer know-how necessary all these steps are; therefore, they use them to prove beneficial.

Keeping in view the importance of blogs, we’ve written this article to inform you about everything you need to do to make your blog effective and super-useful for digital marketing.

How to write a blogs for digital marketing?

Follow this amazing rule book of 5 to write a blog for digital marketing.

Always remember the objectives of your blog

Rule -1 – Always remember the objectives of your blog

The primary thing to remember is that even if a business blog fits perfectly in content marketing, its primary purpose is not for sales. Instead, the best blogs will:

  • A writer should provide helpful information and a unique angle, helping you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Show your customers that you care about them, making your brand more trustworthy and respected.
  • Help in generating more links to your site that will give an additional SEO benefit to not only the page linked to, but also to your site as a whole.


Rule -2 – Always be productive about your niche

The internet is full of people selling products. To stand out from the packed crowd, you have to offer productive, honest, creative, and valuable information. Be willing to go for an extra mile to help your readers, recommend non-competing resources that solve related problems, share your experience.

This basic recommendation isn’t based on a personal development ethos at all, though it will undoubtedly make you feel great while blogging experience. It’s based on solid research methodology. All bloggers should decide whether to write short blogs often or longer blogs, whether they’re writing a personal blog or an affiliate blog for a company, and how much effective the information is to be added in a blog.


Rule -3: Offer something unique and creative.

Over time blogs that have been a higher Click Through Rate and that visitors are more likely to share, and share, read to the end will gradually rise in Google’s search station results and will start to receive more customers because of this every day.

This may take time, particularly for new websites to stand out and earn; but for long-term success in marketing your original blog, you need to offer something that captivates readers’ attention and is more creative and unique that doesn’t just replicate information already out there.

Rule -4: Know when to use your blog for marketing and don’t enter unnecessary content

So, we have till now established that the primary purpose of your blog is to build the trust of the customers, strengthen your brand and generate 100% organic links and audience to your site that you do not even need to ask for. Are there times when you can use unique blog marketing with additional links?

The answer is yes. In each blog post, it’s OK to include 1 or 2 maximum links to product or service pages on your website page with a short description of them which is essential. This often happens naturally when you are writing. Alternatively, you can also mention it at the end of a blog post too as a reference link, and no one will hold it against you as plagiarism.

Blog for your customers and not for you

Rule -5 – Blog for your customers and not for you

Bogs for digital marketingThe challenge many blogs writers face is writing a blog that their clients will love and that will definitely market their company. The major issue is that clients are worn out by constant advertising currently. It’s everywhere; on billboards, the radio, the TV, the internet, and any other social media platforms.

If you advertise your product or service in your blog, particularly excessively and in an unnecessary way, odds are that you will alienate your clients, and over time your SEO or brand may suffer too.

Therefore, some blog authors adopt a policy of not discussing their product or service on their blog too. The major issue with the approach is that the blog is unlikely to achieve the company’s and organization’s overall goals, which presumably will include selling something.

Why is blogging an integral part of digital marketing?

The main purpose of blogging, to sum it up, is for the following reasons.

  1.  SEO and Search Traffic– you may not think it is essential, but the search engines certainly do
  2.  Subject Matter Expert– having a consistent blog article, especially around the market and specific products, will make you the authority in your space
  3.  Lead generation– blogs have proven to help generate more leads and move potential clients down the sales pipeline faster

Key elements to add in a blogs for digital marketing

Let’s dive into the factors that make blogs highly effective in digital marketing and how you should use them.

Create killer content on blogs for digital marketing

The first thing to do to use blogs for digital marketing is to create content that sells itself. Before making sales for you, content must be able to market itself to your customers. How will your potential customer make a sale if she is not impressed by the quality of the content on your blog? Why would they visit your website if they think your content is useless?

It is a cliché in digital marketing now, but still, content is the king of online marketing. There is no alternative to this beautiful magnet. It is the greatest attraction for the crowd toward your website. The content should be SEO optimized.

However, don’t be drunk on the allure of SEO. Many demigods of SEO will mislead you with the tales of Search Engine Optimization and how it is the most effective technique. They make it look like the only thing required for content marketing.

But remember, SEO is many things, and no one can and should deny its effectiveness. However, SEO is not a replacement for good-quality content. SEO cannot sell trash content! It will only be a reinforcing agent to your creative and unique content. It will sell only good quality content.

Make your blog an essential part of the digital marketing funnel

The digital marketing funnel is the broad term used for a process that starts with a customer getting an impression of your content. This impression can be on social media, email marketing, or any other source. If they are convinced of this market pitch, they may come to your blog.

This is where the work of a blog starts. It should be designed as an effective digital marketing funnel. The customer who has come to your blog should see what they think is their best option. The content should be persuasive and compelling. This will make them stay on the blogs for digital marketing

Once they like the outlook and content of the blog, there is a big chance that this lead will convert to a successful sale. But, for that, your blog should be a practical part of the digital marketing funnel. The best source again is content. The customer may check out the content but decide not to purchase anything.

To avoid that and convert a visitor into a customer, make sure your content has a call to action. It should have a design that persuades the visitor. With these two things present in the content, your chances of conversion skyrocket. This is imperative if you want to use blogs for digital marketing.

Generate more Traffic through SEO optimization

We’ve cautioned you against the over-reliance on SEO, but we also pointed out that the value of SEO should not be ignored. Creating good and quality content is indispensable; marketing it through SEO is essential. There is no way you can make good impressions on search engines without using good SEO techniques.

Talking about the techniques, there are some essential tips that we want to share with you. There are listed as under:

  • Unique and engaging content: This is in itself an SEO technique as interesting content goes viral or people share it because they want others to read it. It can be called a passive SEO technique.
  • On-page SEO: Your content should have appropriate keywords added to it naturally. You may use SEO tools to figure out which keywords go with the subject of your article.
  • Off-page SEO: For this purpose, you need a lot of backlinks. You can post guest posts on other relevant blogs that link to your blog. Or you can ask different bloggers to add links to their blogs that lead to your content. Again, excellent quality content becomes your biggest link-building asset.
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing is another great tool to generate Traffic. You have to pay for the ads, but for new businesses, this is almost essential.

Connect social media marketing with blogs

To use blogs for detailed marketing, you need social media marketing. The great thing about blogs is that they have a high conversion rate. The bad thing is that they need marketing for their promotion. And the best way so far for this purpose is social media.

You should use social media, and it must be linked with your blog too. Your social media visitors should find themselves at your blog if you’re doing an excellent social media marketing job. This is extremely important when you use blogs for digital marketing.

That’s because blogs, by the nature of their use, are a little in the background on the internet scene. They are rarely approached directly. To understand that, ask yourself when you last accessed a blog directly through a URL? Perhaps never! That’s because they are either known through social media marketing or content sharing on other platforms.

On the other hand, social media is almost all over the internet. Everyone is present on social media these days. This makes it an excellent channel for generating leads. These leads can then convert to your blog. Thus, you need to connect social media marketing with blogs.

Market your blogs for digital marketing

Yes, blogs for digital marketing before they can be used for digital marketing. They must be first put on the map in various ways, and then they can help you promote anything you want to promote. There are many ways to do that.

We’ve already discussed SEO, social media marketing, and SEM. But there are other ways to market your blogs too. Some are paid; others just need some work from your side. Among the paid ones, you could use influencer marketing.

Social media is abuzz with influencer marketing. Instagram and TikTok celebrities are a big hit these days. These influencers can help spread the word about your blog and its content throughout the social media world.

Secondly, you can use affiliate marketing. Many successful blogs are using affiliate marketing to channel Traffic toward their blogs. Note that influencer marketing and affiliate marketing are both expensive methods so you need some investment for both these methods.

Finally, and perhaps the best method is email marketing. Do not forget about email marketing. It will cost you a lot. With social media making waves across the internet, many people fall prey to its glamour. However, email marketing is way more effective than social media marketing. That’s partial because the dynamic of digital marketing is a little more complex than just social media traffic.


Q.1. What is the role of blogging in digital marketing?

Effective blogging is an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy. It drives traffic to your site, helps in generating new leads for your business, also helps you develop those leads, and deepens your knowledge of your customer base. Blogs are profitable and yield measurable results in terms of positive ROI

Q.2. Why do companies use blogs?

A chief reason every company should invest in a blog is to increase their visibility among the customers. Blogs do provide the perfect platform to strengthen your SEO strategy.

Q.3. Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Digital Marketing Is an Essential Lucrative Career choice one can choose for.

As one enters the digital marketing industry, one can garner a starting salary between 25-35k per month. With things changing so fast in the digital marketing industry, you have to be on your toes and do outstanding work constantly

Q.4. What is Digital Marketing Blogging?

Digital marketing blogging is a way or a marketing technique through a short descriptive, and meaningful blog.


To sum it all up, using a blog for digital marketing is super-effective and necessary. The benefits are diverse and multidimensional. There are a lot of things that a blog can do that other channels cannot do. They have a high conversion rate and need no investment except your time and personal effort.

Moreover, you can boost their effectiveness by using paid channels too. This can be done if a blog is generating sufficient Traffic on its own. Once that happens, you can invest in that blog for content marketing and social media marketing. These will turbo-charge the Traffic and help drive more customers.

Make sure you don’t focus on one method at the expense of the other. Different channels need different approaches that are all necessary. Without these, you’ll miss out on something important in the blog marketing process. Give each channel the respect it deserves and try to diversify your sources of lead generation and conversion.

This ends the guide to use blogs for digital marketing in the above article about how to use a blog for digital marketing. We hope you’ve learned a thing or two from this article and will apply these to make your blog effective. Good luck in the process.

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