How to get sponsored on Instagram?

Want to know how to get sponsored on Instagram? You have come to the right place. No sooner than you reach 1000 plus followers on Instagram, you are eligible for Sponsorship on Instagram. Let’s learn how to proceed? If you are looking for sponsorships on Instagram and that’s running all around your mind, then we have got your back.

The article will say everything about how to proceed to help you have Sponsorship on Instagram and generate revenues.

Steps on how to get sponsored on Instagram?

Defining your Brand

You will find the best engagement no sooner you know your niche and can define it properly. The first and foremost thing you need to do is establish your brand.

Know about the type of your content and the style of your post. Make sure that your Instagram posts provide the best information. Style your post in the best manner. Use an accurate theme for your posts.

Be specific. This is the best way to gain Sponsorship on Instagram. Your posts will be easily distinguishable and unique when you become the best influencer. Whenever your posts come across your influencer’s feed, they would be able to recognize and stop their scrolling to know more about your post or the message they convey.

Soon, the viewer would see similar posts and find similar content. This is how the viewer would gain trust in your brand. More of, it is important to stay by your words and not change the course randomly. Doing such, the viewer would lose confidence and would no longer trust the content

; if you want to connect your Instagram brand with an online presence, make sure that you create a website with a similar message and the message delivered would be in a good way.

Know your Audience

Your Audience is your strength. It is an essential factor for you to know about your Audience, and that will help you learn more about which brand would be best for your Audience and how they would influence to get Sponsorship.

Now starting from scratch- know about the age group, gender, geographical location, and the core demographics of your audience. Look for the posts they love the most. The time of the say when they respond to your posts the most.

As you know about the demographic location of your brand, you will be able to pitch the brands of the exact location with the brands. Brands would be eager to know through whom they can reach to work with you.


Make sure that you constantly post on your social media sites. This is how it will make your viewers know about your consistency. On Instagram, you post one post per day. Ensure that you increase the frequency of the post and post 3-4 posts per day.

Also, schedule your post timings- Make sure that you plan your post timings and that they should be on time.

Research suggested that 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 2:00 AM happen to be the best time to post.

For increasing your followers, make sure that you post constantly. Also, your posts should have consistency, containing Instagram Algorithms and Fresh Content. This will help you keep your followers remember about your post and not forget you due to a lack of consistency.

Top of everything, you need to figure out what works best for you and your Audience. Your Audience might feel their feeds are getting flooded with your posts three times a day, or they might like it too. Ensure the timings when your audiences are getting engaged to your posts. For that, you would need to attempt some hit and trial method to find out the perfect timings and numbers.

Using Hashtags and Geotags

Hashtags help you to make your posts more discoverable. So, you must use hashtags on your posts. You can use up to 30 hashtags per Instagram rules to boost engagement.

It would be best to use hashtags relevant to your posts or content. Also, you need to check that the hashtags you are using are not broken or banned as that can have a bad or a negative impact on our posts.   

Make sure that you are not choosing hashtags that are too broad. Choose hashtags that have less competition and are easy to discover. If you have a hashtag page, make sure that your posts are similar to those of your page’s hashtags.

Geotags are equally important, but the reason here is a different one. Geotags are important, and they will help you find a perfect location for your interest. This enables you to gain more followers and helps brands of the exact geographical location helps them reach you.

Adding Tags to your brand

So now you have done all the initial steps of defining the brand, knowing your audience, and all the other measures that you need for an established brand. You are officially ready to reach out to brands.

It would be best if you had an idea about a good business and partnership. It is a good start small. For example, if you are interested in handbags, you would not rush to Louis Vuitton.

Start with small brands and tag them in the description. Keep your Audience engaged by asking a few questions and proving yourself a suitable business partner.     

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How to get sponsored by a clothing brand on Instagram?

Tagging brand

Make sure that you are done with all your research, and now you are all set to have your own Instagram brand. To know how to get sponsored by a clothing brand on Instagram, make sure that you have done all the geographical research and know your Audience.

Start with a small brand. Make sure that you start with a small brand. If you are a clothing brand, make sure to start a small brand. Add tags and give descriptions about them in the description box.

Make sure that you keep your audiences engaged and not just swipe by your posts. So, keep them involved by asking questions on the description like “where to find similar?” or “What would go best with this?”

So, these questions would let you stay connected to your users and make your brand find good engagement.

Contact Information

Make sure that your Audience finds the transparency to contact your brand. Ensure that there is enough information on your Bio about you being an influencer. So, make sure that you include your email id or website to help your Audience reach you. Also, try to have a press kit if possible.

Also, try to use a website or a blog that will help you create a wide chance for you to explain yourself to a brand and make sure that you give them enough space to demonstrate your brand.

As you add a press page to your website, brands will look to your page specifically. As you begin to sponsor brands, you will have an influencer experience.

Always look for paid sponsorships.

You are not making a mistake by reaching out to brands to offer your services. Make sure that you go for the right pitch.

Look out for clothing brands who are seriously interested in investing their time and money into their Instagram presence. Start by researching for similar influencers of where they found their sponsors from?

Always remember to start with small is OK and acceptable. As you begin to work with smaller brands, they will allow you to make your portfolio.

Make sure that you have created a list of brands with which you look forward to being partners. So, you send them emails. Pitch them, and provide a clear outline about who you are, what your achievements are, how did you successfully gain to achieve this success. What are the qualities that make you best in this field?     

After you have provided all your information, make sure that you talk about and explain the qualities that make you fit for the brand. This would include data like followers and the engagement rate.  

Also, you can give yourself the option to find brands direct from Instagram. You DM them straight and ask them to offer them your services. Talk to them and make sure that you have provided them with all the information they need.

How to get Sponsorship for small accounts?

Do not worry if you have a small account. Don’t panic on how to get Sponsorship for small accounts.

Below are some of the ways you can try-

Have an Informative Bio

Make sure that your Bio is informative enough to provide enough information about you to the brands. Your Bio must never miss out on details like name, email address, niche, and interest.

Your Bio should provide you with clear information about your website and contact information.

Use your Bio wisely

Make sure that you have used your Bio wisely and have provided the correct information to reach out to brands. Never waste space on your Bio. Ensure that you have included your business email address so that brands do not miss out on the option to collaborate with you.

If you are more of a person to keep in touch via emails and inboxes, make sure that you have provided enough information, and you stay at the top of their email boxes and email responses.

Avoid late replies and delayed emails. If you do such, it will be considered unprofessional, and you might lose on paid sponsorships.                        

Use hashtags and geotags wisely.

Instagram hashtags and geotags are beneficial, and make sure that you make the most out of them. Use the geotags and hashtags efficiently and make it work for you.

As per Instagram norms, you can use up to 30 hashtags, but that might look flooded, so ensure that you choose relevant and appropriate hashtags to use on your posts.

How to get sponsored on the Instagram story? 

If you want to get sponsored on the Instagram story, make sure that you have gained their notice and attracted potential sponsors.

Here are some of the ways you can try to get sponsored on the Instagram story-

Reaching them out directly.

It is a great way to attain what you want. Make sure you know you have gained a decent number of followers with a reasonable engagement rate. Ensure that you convey that you love their products and that there is enough room for them to collaborate. Make sure that it benefits the brand and your audiences too.

Tagging them in the posts

Do not spam them. Instead, tag them on their posts and ensure those specific brand shoutouts in your posts grab their attention. Make sure that your Audience prefers them, or else you will lose your followers.

Use hashtags

Make sure that the brands discover you. Unless they haven’t found you- you won’t be able to get their sponsorships. Look to the hashtags that the brands are using and make sure that you are attracting them and using some in your posts.

Get in touch with you quickly.

Ensure that you provide transparent information about how to contact and all possible ways or platforms to reach you. Use your Bio wisely and put all the necessary contact information. Be responsive on your profile and include direct messages. Avoid late replies or no replies.

Bottom Line

Instagram is a massive platform for Sponsorship. Make sure that you know how to get sponsored on Instagram. Follow all the necessary steps to get sponsored posts and ensure that you provide exact information to your followers and brands stating that there is room for collaboration.     

Ensure that the brands know your worth and provide you with paid sponsorships. Please do not hesitate to reach out to brands and let them know that you are ready to offer them your services. Make yourself prepared for sponsorships and enjoy being an influencer.  

Do let us know whether the information is beneficial or not, and make sure to know your worth.                    

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