How to do Affiliate Marketing without a website ?

You can do Affiliate Marketing without a website by the use of different social media platform ,affiliate programs and as well as different website who is working on Affiliate Marketing.

So, affiliate marketers are searching for ways to skip the step. Is it tough? Can Affiliate Marketing happen without a website?

Well, that’s not a tricky thing.

Through affiliate marketing, two parties come together under one platform: the affiliates and the online retailer (whose products are promoted through affiliate marketing). The retailer pays a commission for lead or sales generation for each referral from the affiliate link.

Now it is sure that without a website, affiliate marketing can be done.

Now, it is essential to know how to send referrals to retailers, and for that, a website is not required.

How to do Affiliate Marketing?

Before you know how to do Affiliate digital Marketing without a Website, it is essential to understand Affiliate Marketing.

The first thing as an affiliate marketer is-

  • Defining goals for an Affiliate
  • Defining the right people
  • The right time

The goal should be balanced between what to offer and what are the requirements of the customers.

For this, you need to provide a source of traffic and satisfactory products to offer.

Secondly, you would need to have a traffic source. It’s not enough to have a product, but you need to reach your customers and generate traffic. You can have it through a website, blog, search engine, social media, and similar platforms.

So, it would be best to have a strong connection between your audience and your content to make a significant profit.

These are all you need to become an Affiliate Marketer.

How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website?

Now that it is known that affiliate marketing can be done without a website, it is time to focus on how to do it. Of course, the results would vary and would depend upon the plan of creating and execution.

So, these are the ways one can do affiliate marketing without a website-

  • Ads (Solo)

Solo ads are popular as one of the best ways to reach your audience if you do not own a website. Solo ads help you to reach your target audiences through emails. And hence, it markets your affiliate products.    

How does this work? If you have a niche and want to promote products of that niche, you need to search for influencers who can promote them.

Now, when any influencer finds your option suitable, they will charge you a click per ad. This means you will get a direct commission from the ad.

*Note- You should know that your solo ad is a tough one to hit and miss. You do not drive quality traffic.

Make sure that you have a balanced ROI while running solo ads.

  • Posting on Online Platforms

This is one of the best approaches possible. The Internet brings people with the same taste under one roof. Hence, online platforms have become one of the best places to market your products.

The first thing that is required is to find a suitable platform that people would generally buy. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest can be a great option. You will easily find relevant items on the forum.

As you find an online platform, you need to know about the guidelines to tell whether promotions are allowed or not. If yes, then sign up and start posting. The more you will be frequent, the more people will gain trust, and ultimately your followers would increase.

  • YouTube

YouTube is massive and extensive now. Millions and billions of people use YouTube to create content and post it online. If you do not have a website, you can create a YouTube channel and start using the Affiliate Marketing without a website by the help of links in the description.

This is one of the most outstanding strategy people uses for maximizing revenue.

  • PPC Marketing

If you want to gain great results, PPC Marketing is one of the best things. It is known well to create great results and provide quick returns, and one should consider this.

Meta (Facebook) and Google are great platforms to do Affiliate Marketing. Both of them use the pay-per-click advertising model, allowing users to pay whenever there is a click on the Ad.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing has always been in demand, and even today also it is one of the most excellent tools for marketing your products. So, this happens to be one of the most effective methods to do Affiliate Marketing without a website.

You need to get a list of your emails, invest in the database and create your customized marketing campaign.

You need to add affiliate links in the middle and provide a sign-up option for them (If you promote your product).   


How to do Affiliate Marketing without an Audience?

Some of the ways to do Affiliate Marketing without an Audience are-
Email Marketing
Social Media
And many more.

How many followers do I need for Affiliate Marketing?

There is no specific number to that. But a number of 5,000 to 15,000 followers is enough for becoming an Affiliate Marketer. Also, the engagement rate per post should be around 100 likes per post.

Can I use Instagram for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is meeting influencers for promoting a brand or its products. From there, sales are generated, and a commission is earned from the clicks that are generated. So, Affiliate links can be added anywhere, and Instagram allows you to add links.

Which platform is best for Affiliate Marketing without a website?

Some of the best Affiliate Marketing without a website platforms are-
• Amazon associate
• Rakuten Marketing
• Walmart Affiliates
• CJ Affiliate
• FlexOffers
• eBay Partner Networks
• ClickBank
And platforms that allow promotional links.


Affiliate marketing brings influencers to connect to a brand to promote their brand or their products. Then the influencers get a commission for every product that is sold.

Generally, this needs a medium from where traffic can be generated. So, Affiliate Marketing can be done through a blog or website that brings traffic to create a lead that generates sales.

If you don’t own a website- you can still do Affiliate marketing without a website. The article above provides a piece of detailed knowledge about how it can be done.

Do let us know if it was your help.

Happy Marketing!!!      

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