How and why content marketing works in 2020?

Content marketing works wonders in digital marketing in 2020 but how does it work and why it’s so effective? Let’s explore in this article.

Content marketing has changed in the last decade. There has been a bombardment of new websites, social media platforms, and technology has changed completely. But, one thing has not changed, that is, the effectiveness of content marketing in digital marketing. If anything, it has only increased many folds over the years.

Content marketing has been successful due to an increase in internet users. But that’s not the only reason. It has been quite effective in capturing traditional marketing share as well.

Content marketing will overtake traditional marketing within a few years!

We’ll discuss some of the aspects of content marketing that helped it become that effective.

At the turn of this century, the internet opened a new era in human development and lifestyle. It enabled us to connect with people we didn’t even know existed.

And with time, it brought us together with the same people on the same platforms. Strangers connected sitting thousands of miles apart.

This opened up a new era for content marketing as well. Thousands of people joined online platforms every minute. This helped transform traditional marketing and digital marketing took its place in the online world.

So, how content marketing works in the 2020’s digital world? To understand that, let’s learn the basic principle that guides content marketing.

The principle behind content marketing

The basic principle of content marketing is to combine information with content in a way that does not feel marketing at all. This means that you should not target to sell the product or service but the problem that the user has.

Content marketing doesn’t focus on a single brand, it focuses on the customers’ needs and provides the best alternatives to choose from. It solves their problems.

In this way, you don’t pitch a single product but a variety of products with the same problem-solving ability.

For example, let’s say one customer is looking for an outdoor jacket. In traditional marketing, the brand will promote its jacket on TV and other marketing channels. But in content marketing, you’re not focused on a single brand.

Meaning, your focus is the customer, not the brand. You provide all the information to the customer about many products that solve that problem. After reading or seeing your content, the customer chooses the product that they like.

That’s why it’s better than traditional advertising as it provides customers with more options. Also, it allows them through your content a chance to review and compare different products. In the end, the customer purchases the best option available on many products. Let’s move on now to how and why content marketing works in 2020.

How content marketing works?

Let’s now answer the question of how content marketing works? The simple answer is, it works on helping people make an informed decision.

People read the content on the platform that you use and get information indirectly. When the customer clicks on the link provided by the marketer, it earns them a commission. There is a benefit for everyone here.

For the brand, there is an incentive in sales. For marketers, there is a commission in selling the product or service. And, for the customer, there is an incentive in getting the best product present on the market.

Due to these benefits, it’s like a win-win situation for everyone. This makes content marketing a favorite of all parties concerned. And in the age of the internet, there are more people now online than ever. This creates a great potential for this business.

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What are some of the channels for content marketing in  2020?

Content marketing in 2020 works through different channels on the internet. To understand content marketing, we need to learn about the channels and how content marketing works on each of these platforms.

Let’s briefly look at some of the most relevant examples here.

  1. Websites and blogs

People add content to websites about products and services and spread brand awareness. The visitor reads or watches that content and is convinced of a product or service to be of use to them. This then helps them make a decision that benefits the marketer.

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  1. Social media platforms

When you see an ad on Facebook and click it, you have become a part of content marketing. If you see an Instagram celebrity share a link that you follow, that’s content marketing for you. Similarly, many brands create infographics, the images that contain brand information, and spread them on social media platforms.

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  1. Video sharing platforms

Websites like YouTube and TikTok have become a part of our lifestyle and we can’t seem to live without them. Whenever we have to purchase something, we go to YouTube and check if the product has good reviews or not. This is all about content.

Why content marketing works? And why is it more effective in 2020?

The question now is, why content marketing works in 2020 so well when you don’t even promote a product directly to the customers? You don’t even focus on a brand that people can become loyal to!

That’s exactly is the reason why people love it so much. They don’t want to buy a product just for shiny and bright advertisements. They want their problems solved. And content marketing does exactly that.

It establishes trust between the customer and the content marketer. In affiliate marketing, for example, you promote products on commission through creative content, but you don’t recommend a single product. You give a detailed review of each product and help the user make an informed decision.

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In traditional marketing, three is no such thing. There, you don’t get to choose from a list of products with detailed information about each. In that field, you just hear good things about the product being sold without the flip side of it. This can end up in a bad experience for the user.

That’s why content marketing is more effective. People trust it more as they know the problems with a product along with its benefits. A purchase made through content marketing rarely ends up in a bad experience.

How content marketing is connected to digital marketing?

Content marketing is a part of a broader category of marketing, that is, digital marketing. Content marketing is a small part if we look at the digital marketing in detail. There are many other fields in digital marketing.

But, that doesn’t mean content marketing is of small imprtance3. Each category under digital marketing needs content marketing to reach out to the customers.

For example, affiliate marketing is also a part of digital marketing. Now, affiliate marketing is nothing without quality content. With this, comes a good content marketing strategy. Without good content, affiliate marketing won’t be able to become successful.

Similarly, social media marketing is another sub-category of digital marketing. On social media, if there is no content, then how can it work at all? Or if content marketing is not done right, how can people like those social media marketing campaigns.

Also, in every post on a blog or a video-sharing website, you need content. If quality content is absent, there is no success for that platform.

Thus, content marketing is the fuel that runs all these digital marketing platforms. It is often said in digital marketing that content is the king. Without content, no digital marketing campaign can become successful.

What’s the most effective channel for content marketing in 2020?

So far, the most effective channel has been websites and blogs. There has been no substitute so far. Social media has reached billions of people in the last few years, but, it has an extremely low conversion rate.

The conversion rate of websites and blogs is high in comparison. The conversion rate and effectiveness of email marketing are also higher than social media marketing. This is surprising for some people who have been stunned by the social media spark.

This makes it imperative for digital marketers to make websites and blogs seriously. Besides, email marketing is extremely effective when combined with websites and blogs. It creates long term relationships with the clients. For a great website, you can visit ExpandCart.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, content marketing works on many platforms across the internet. And with the advancements in technology, its potential is increasing day by day. In the past, when the traditional market dominated the scene, today there is content marketing everywhere.

Every other year, a new platform comes along that expands the reach of content marketing. Therefore, if anyone wants to benefit from digital marketing, they must become skillful at content marketing.

In the next article, we’ll describe how to do content marketing in 2020.

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