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High DA Free Blog Submission Sites List and Google Link Update


Blog submission sites are a very important factor for bloggers, as they post their blogs to these websites and ask for exposure in the long run.

There are hundreds of blog submission sites that are categorised under the categories of health, tech, news, internet, and SEO.

These sites not only provide high-quality content, but they also provide numerous benefits, which are listed in the post as you scroll down.

Sites with high DA and PA should be prioritized, and you should only visit them.

What is blog submission in SEO?

Blog submission sites are part of an off-page SEO strategy that has the website owner publish high-quality content. The target of blog submission is to turn one-time visitors into permanent ones.

This is termed the main off-page activity, as it shows immensely effective results when it is updated on a timely basis.

Updating new articles on a regular basis shows your customers that you are an active user, which increases reader interest in your website. Your readers would encourage you to read your articles and share them too, as you would gain their trust.

There are many SEO tools that are very useful, and knowing which ones to use would have a great impact on your website. And this feature would help you become an expert in blog submission.

One simple way to do this is by registering your blog with blog directories, which will help you generate more viewers.

This strategy helps in gaining more traffic and helps in increasing the authority of your website. This is one of the fastest ways to get useful, authoritative links for your website.

Now that blog submission in SEO has been discussed, let’s talk about the advantages of practising this online marketing tool and how to gain traffic and optimise results from it.

Advantage of blog submission

  • The blog or website owner gets to have a clear communication with their readers and vice versa. Also, it helps to turn the website into a simpler and a readable one.
  • Blogging is a way to convince your readers. Your readers gets convinced and it helps to create awareness for your brand. There are times when people gets convinced by reading article from your site and drive into your website.
  • Blog submission is one of the way to build strong backlinks that is highly beneficial for business.
  • It helps to improve SEO ranking too.

This helps to turn existing customers into potential one.

Disadvantage of Blog Submission

  • Might get banned

Your blog might have the chance to get banned for having blog submissions. So, when there are too many blog submissions on your website, there are high chances that your blog will get banned.

This occurs because search engines believe your website is spamming other websites and will keep your site under black hat SEO techniques. Be very cautious while submitting your site to directories.

  • Pirecy

There are many famous directories that charge whopping amounts of fees to complete your web submission. Sometimes it turns out to be fake too, and the whole money gets stolen..

So, one needs to do their research very well before giving any fees to the directories or to any paid directories.

  • Results can take time

Link building is a time-consuming process that takes time to bear fruit. Link building through directories is one of the time-consuming processes that can take weeks or even months. This occurs because there is no guarantee that your site will be approved or not.

  • Competition

Not only are you the only one who has submitted your website, but there are many others who have already done so. So, you would be the one in the competition.

This is how you would enter the competition, and you need to stand out of the queue to rank on Google and other search engines.

Blog submission is still useful after google link spam update?

This is a question that is valid after Google’s Panda update. And the answer is, indeed, yes. The blog submission sites are still the ones that increase your site’s ranking and authority. One should choose them selectively and should not keep on submitting articles to the hundreds of blog submission sites.

Blog submissions are still useful after the Google link update, as the update says that Google will search for spammy links and sponsored content and ban them as they go against the norms of the update.

The blog submission would bring heavy traffic for submitting an informative article-

  • When one submits informative articles on the website and shares it on social media, it becomes a platform to drive huge traffic to your website.
  • When one creates backlinks to the site, it increases the page rank. The articles gets published on to different sites and that shares your article. The links have a great value in search engines and hence one can get traffic from the website from backlinks.
  • One need to write relevant articles that are highly informative. Relevant articles find it really helpful in improving the author’s brand image and hence the search ranking gets better.
  • The title of the article should have the title tag in the “HTML Tag”. As this is a crucial step for making the content more unique, by adding the title tag and keyword to the tag for increasing the ranking of the site.
  • The search engine and the readers look for the first paragraph as it is the most important part of your article. That is the core part to draw attention of the readers. Use the personality tone of the article in such a way that the readers would have a huge impact.
  • Maintaining a high quality article submission is hugely important. The articles that would be posted should be placed on blog networks and make sure that it is a consistent one. One needs to write huge articles just to promote one keyword and the length of the article should be large.
  • It is recommended to submit at least 5 articles to the directories to make sure that the consistency remains and ten articles to the public network blog. For a private blog it is important to post at least 50 posts for good ranking.

The blog submission sites after the Panda update are now not encouraging the auto-approval process. Google has banned websites that publish spam and irrelevant content.

Google is strictly removing those articles or removing the sites from ranking because they consider them to be spam and stuffed solely for the purpose of bringing them to the attention of the search engine.

Key points to remember before blog or article submission

There are few things that one needs to focus on before submitting a blog submission-

  • Theme of the article

The theme of the article should have a proper introduction, and every description should be relevant to your article topic. Irrelevant information would lead to a wrong image of the readers, and hence it would have a bad impact on them.

The article should include all relevant information and not have too many links. Over-attaching links to the article would lead to spam.

  • Submission of your blog/article

The article or blog needs to be submitted in an MS Word file, and there should not be any PDF format. The email where you are attaching the file should clearly mention the subject of the article by including “Blog entry” in the title.

Try to add images to the word file and the image size should be of very less resolution. The images should be relevant to your topic.

The feedback of the editorial team would get back to you when they find some changes are required.


  • Relevancy

The article should have the accuracy of the information.

  • Plagiarism free

Your article should be plagiarism-free and should not be copied from any website. The work of other people should not be yours. If you do that, your article would not be accepted, and it would be highly harmful to your blog. The author would later be responsible for all the plagiarism that would be found in the article.

  • Comments

The comments and replies to your article should be highly filtered and should not be offensive or reflect unwanted behavior.

  • Length of the post

Your blog post should be at least 800 to 1500 words long. Publishing articles longer than 1500 words may incur a fee on chargeable platforms, and if not, you must consult with the editorial team to get it approved.

Some websites would need a consultation before submitting your articles to the website. Some websites allow for additional word counts in some special cases.

Information that needs to be added to your article is-

  • Title of your article
  • Name of the article post the title
  • Brief introduction about the writer or author
  • Two or three focused keywords
  • Image of low resolution
  • Caption for the image
  • The source of the image if taken from any website and the copyright information (if it is a copyright image)

Grammatically correct with spellings

  • The article should be grammatically correct and should not have any spelling mistake.
  • The spellings of the article should be UK based and the author the guidelines should have proper detailing.
  • The quotations should be quoted with proper symbols and full stop should be used after every speech marks.

Best way to identify quality blog submission sites

Before you step into a blog submission site, you need to first check the quality of the blog submission site where you want to post your articles-

  • In the beginning, you need to check how do the sites accepts your articles. If any site accepts your articles without prior checking them, then it is not a good site and you should look for an alternative.
  • Secondly, check for the site’s age. If your sites’ age is more than two years then you should consider going for that site.
  • Make sure that the website is having a high domain authority. As high DA value is the sign of a good quality site.
  • Check for the page’s rank. If the page has high rank you should go for the site.
  • Check for the updates of the website. Look for whether the website is updating regularly or is a dead one and is not working frequently.
  • If the website is ensuring and abiding by all these factors then you should consider going for the website.

List of high quality blog submission site list

Below is the list of high-quality blog submission sites list-


1. Where can I submit my blog?

One can submit one blog to 15 to 20 sites. Firstly, one can submit the blog to a site that is free and does not ask for a link in return. Or one can submit their blog to websites that have a manual process of approval, as these are quality sites that do not allow spam.

2. Are blog submission sites good for SEO?

Surely, yes. Blog submission sites that have a high DA need manual approval, and then only can they provide quality backlinks and exposure. Briefly, it improves your site’s ranking. One should avoid sites that have low DA or PA or those that give auto-approval.

3. Should one submit the blog to blog submission sites that asks for links in return?

Search engines do not prefer sites that ask for reciprocal links, and they are fully justified. Hence, it is always a good option to post the blog to sites that have high DA and PA and do not ask for reciprocal links.

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