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Email Marketing Advantages for Digital Business


Email marketing is known to be one of the effective marketing channels. This is true because email marketing is one of the oldest forms of advertisement in the digital platform. And so some people get confused whether email marketing works in 2021 or not? The answer to this is YES. And email marketing is far away from being dead. As email users are adding up each, so is the demand for email marketing.

Do you know?

Most of the big brands rely 40% on their promotion through email marketing. Some of the brands are-

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart

and other apps too.

Through Email Marketing, one can reach their customers in real-time, which gains trust and builds a good relationship with them.

This article will provide you all the crucial details and email marketing advantages.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a simple and effective way of sending proposals and promotional prospects to your target audience. You get the option to provide messages to your clients in a customized form or can choose to send them in mass.

Email marketing stands to be an outstanding digital media option that helps convert leads into clients.

Importance of email marketing for your business

Clear Communication:

Through Email marketing, one gets to have clear communication with their customer. The message that they want to convert to their target audience reaches them individually, and hence it draws the customer’s attention, maintaining a good relationship with them.

Many customers look for their brand’s emails as they get coupon codes and offers via emails. Also, many brands provide customer information that keeps them updated with new arrivals or information.

What Not to do?

You should never flood your customer or client’s inbox with emails. This is a very wrong strategy and makes the client reluctant and ends up losing them.

So, it is better to use email marketing wisely and better so that your lead can transform into the client.

Long Reach:

Days have come where online shopping is influential,, and almost everyone is in favor of using mobile to buy things.

What do stats say?

Stats say that 50% of users access email through mobile phones.

So, email marketing reaches mobile users through both texts and emails. Email marketing is cheaper than messages,, but one needs to do email marketing effectively won’t provides information more descriptively.


If we look for the ROI of email marketing, then it’s great. Email marketingit is expected to get a reward oapproximatelyox $42 for every $1 spent.

Hence, the return becomes approx 4200% in return.

Is Email marketing still in use?

Indeed, email marketing is not dead yet. The need for email marketing has been increasing gradually in the past few years.

Email marketing has been one of the most effective brand promotion strategies for companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and many more.

So, it is evident that email marketing is not dead yet, and it is a golden opportunity to form good relationships with clients. its this digital era, almost everyone is a competent phone user where they use one email Id that the business professionals use to communicate with their clients.


  • Billions of savvy phone users are increasing
  • Email counts are increasing gradually
  • Sharing information or update through emails is reaching new heights too

Hence, it is proved that email marketing is still in use and is still not dead.

What do the stats say?

A survey suggested in the year 2017, there were approx 3700 million active users,, and in the year 2021, the figures raised to approx 4200 million users,, and that too in just four years.

The experts say the numbers will rise approx 4500 million by the year 2024.

Some businesses rely simply on email marketing, where most of the revenue is generated.

Advantages of email marketing for a digital business:

Email marketing is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way of reaching out to your potential or new subscribers. This encourages them to building long-lasting relationships with you. The following are some key advantages of email marketing.

Speedy Communication

Email Marketing is known to be one of the fastest form of communication. This is said so as it requires few steps like uploading information, pictures, and finally sending the email to the recipient.

So, the messages reach directly to the target audience in some seconds. This is extreme time-sensetive and the reason it is highly-effective. This is the best form of promotion to send special messages to the sender in no time.

Being cost-effective marketing:

In comparison with other means of marketing, your campaign brands marketing will be way within your budget. Unlike most mainstream marketing channels, you won’t need the following in email marketing:

Cost of printing and postage expenses

Service cost of advertising with exposures

Need for billboards, overprice magazine articles, or advertisements on television channels

Above marketing tactics can cost you a fortune which you can save by using email marketing as your primary reach-out channel.

Aside from that, in email marketing, you may need to hire the expertise of a service provider for sending out those thousands of emails. You may need special-purpose software for automation in your responses and tracking your email records. But to compare its cost with the mainstream channels, you will find that it’s nothing in comparison with that.

The above facts make email marketing one of the most cost-effective marketing channels.

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Engaged audience through email marketing:

Email marketing is a platform where your customers opt for receiving your content. That means they have shown interest in your product and expect to receive information about your activity. The critical benefit of thisdoesn’tch is that you can target the engaged audience, who already have an interest in your brand. You don’t have to create your brand interest.

With that much-targeted email, your chances of sales converswhat’shoot through the sky like never before. Only relevant people receive your marketing campaigns, and this makes your job easier.

Many companies send unsolicited content to people through purchasing an email list. Well, this can’t be an alternative to building up your relevant contacts from scratch and having a deeper connection with them. Such unsolicited messages will most probably result in damaging your brand’s reputation.

Targeted campaign with email:

To take a step further, ‘ompanies opt fo’ spending money on targeting only interested customers. Only the customers who meet certain defined criteria are approached. Email segmentation has way too many perks and positive impacts than most markers realize.

For instance, suppose you are opening a franchise in a certain town. It will be an effective campaign if this information is shared with residents of that town or towns nearby. There would be no benefit for sending that information to the majority of your list.

That will be just a flawed marketing campaign.

Email segmentation will boast your engagement percentage with the customer. Gone is the time when the old ‘spray and pray’ methodology worked.

Now it’s the time of targeted strikes only.

Revenue generation:

Email marketing is a perfect tool for triggering the impulsive buying decisions of the customers. Unlike mThat’sher channels, email marketing gets the customer to meet promotional deadlines. With just a few clicks customer finds himself in the checkout section. This quick revenue generation makes email marketing unique in this category.

Easy to start email marketing campaigns:

Email marketing is less demanding when it comes to startup requirements, unlike most marketing channels. It doesn’t necessarily require technical features of employing a team of staff members. You can start up with minimum consideration to take.

You may use fancy graphical images and textures for your email messages but what’s more important is the content of your email.

With the use of only simple images and text, you can successfully run your email marketing campaign and reap tremendous monetary benefits from that.

Promotion of Content Marketing

Content Marketing refers to create content for any company or brand that helps users to read and know more about the product.

Through this you can communicate well with your customer and stay in touch with them constantly. It is a two way process so you can get feedback from the client end in a real time basis.

Once a customer signup for your email subscription, you are offering your client all the information about your brand and allow them to know more about your brand or story or provide them information about any upcoming event, share coupons or any important update about your brand.

Measurable results:

One of the key benefits of email marketing as your main marketing strategy is that you can measure your effectiveness of the campaign’s can access whether anything is wrong in your campaign having even a little bit of adverse effect on the results.

Altering that ‘something wrong’ would put you back on track.

With email marketing software, tracking the number of clicks and conversion of sales can be measured easily. This enables you to make any abrupt improvements in your campaign. Such real-time changes concerning changing circumstances can only be possible with email marketing. You cannot do such changes with print media or broadcast advertising.

Sharing of offers:

With email marketing, your content of the campaign can be shared by any of your subscribers at different channels. They can introduce your brand to a whole new audience which were inaccessible to you earlier.

If you have targeted your relevant audience then they will take an interest in your products. They will surely share the offers with their friends and family with just one click which is most likely possible with only email marketing. That’s one of the Email Marketing Advantages for a Digital Business.

A new chain of advertisement would be generated in this way, on your behalf and without spending even a single penny. For advanced level learning of new skill sets, please visit Fiver Learn.

Global reach advantage:

Email marketing is of its kind a platform for the circulation of thousands of messages worldwide with just a click. Social media may compete in this capacity but with email marketing, you can fairly access if your audience is reading your content.

Very few marketing platforms offer such versatility keeping a worldwide audience in mind.

Easily Organizable

Email Marketing campaigns can control the type of email one can send to their users and also controls the type of email that they like to send along with the timings of the mail to be sent.

So, the emailer can send a specific number of emails within a specified time. This helps the brand to create an easy brand recall into audience’s mind and as the brand launches any product or sale, they can send emails as per the required information.

Instant results:

Right from the start, by sending your first email, you will start to see the impact it has on the audience. With the urgency factor of emails powered with a deadline of scarcity, it becomes a perfect combination.

For instance, a 24-hour sale will give you a tremendous sales spike instantly without any effort. It’s a brilliant marketing ploy for attaining the attention of your customer and calling for immediate action. Most online websites and businesses have been implementing this ploy successfully.

As compared to regular means of business activity which takes weeks to show results, this strategy is more than just time-efficient. Also, you will be sure who the reason for your purchase was.

You can gather that data and use it for future selective offers as well.

Maximum return on investment:

Results that are quantifiable and as per expectations, are what most entrepreneurs want and strive for. With this in mind, the maximum return on investment of email marketing makes it an ideal choice. And that is why business owners have successfully implemented this marketing tool to minimize their costs and maximize profits.

As per statistical data, email marketing has a return on investment ratio of more than $42 on every dollar spent. That makes it clear how much one can achieve with just implementing the right marketing strategy in the form of email marketing. Siteground can help you get started with this process.

The sky is the limit for that.


1. What is the best time or day of the week to send an email?

The timing of sending an email fully depends on your email list. A survey said that weekends and mornings are the best time to send emails that has good open rates and click-throughs.

2. What should be the time interval to send emails?

That depends on the user response. But sending repeated emails to your subscribers is a big NO. Rather making about when to send emails is a must and it can go like-

  • Daily till one month from Sign up
  • Next two months three emails a week
  • Next two months one email a week
  • Then one email one month

3. What are the metrics that I should use to track?

To check whether email marketing is working for you or not and is it beneficial for your business or not, you should check-

  • Open Rate- The number of users who are opening your emails
  • CTR- Percentage of subscribers who are clicking your email at least once

4. Key things to look for when using an email marketing campaign?

There is a lot to do, but it is more likely to get confused about what to do. So, it is better to check from the subscribers perspective and the objectives that subscribers look upon are-

  • The sender of the email
  • The subject of the mail

So, your email should have a proper subject line so that users find it really effective for their purpose.

Final Thoughts:

To sum it all up, the importance of email marketing cannot be ignored. Rather, this is high time for the implementation of email marketing campaigns more aggressively than ever, to reap the benefits to the maximum level.

Several tremendous benefits of email marketing were described in this chapter of our course series. We truly hope it to be an eye-opener for your marketing campaign.

To what extent we did justice to this course series, we will leave it to your judgment. But, with vast experience in this field, we can say with surety that these courses will get you close to your goals.

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