Don’t miss out the top Email Marketing Strategy

Don’t miss out the top Email Marketing Strategy

Before diving headfirst into What is email marketing Strategy, every entrepreneur should take some time to analyze the goals and what achievement means for them. You have to set your targets and maintain a perfect strategy accordingly.

Once you set your goals and strategy, you can only focus on altering your content and running a target-based marketing campaign.

Focusing on strategic level development for your email marketing campaign, we have explained all that you need to know in this article. You cannot ignore the importance of having a personalized strategy for your email marketing campaign.

This is essential for driving continuous successful conversions and brand loyalty. Other than email marketing, if you happen to be interested in any aspect of affiliate marketing, you can get help by visiting

Without further ado, let start the course.

Will Email Marketing Strategy work in 2021?

For every user who wants to sell their product or promote their brand, email marketing is one of the best ways to do so.

What do stats say? 

The 2015 study by the DMA said for every $1 spent- the return on investment (ROI) was $38. The study revealed shopper’s buying mindset happens when they look for emails from their favorite brands.

How to get a list of emails?

You will find a change in your business results when you build a clear list of engaged subscribers list, the people who have subscribed for your service and have purposely opted for it.

Also, when you have a precise list of your subscribers, you will be able to work more on the outset of email marketing strategy.

Steps to build the list- 

  • You need to create a signup form on your website so people who like your article’s content can stay in touch for more updates and know more about your brand. Also, you need to create a newsletter signup and make a popup where you can collect your customer’s data.
  • Use an old-fashioned catchy theme of your signup sheet. Make a good place for them to sign up and learn more.
  • Let social media do the signups for you, too. If you have an engaged social media platform make sure that you share the signup forms on your social channel.

How to add subscribers to an existing list? 

  • One of the best ways to add subscribers to an existing list is by conducting a contest or discount coupon for new subscribers. People would love to engage themselves for some discount or new lucky coupons.
  •  Do not create the process of sharing emails too complicated. Anyone would love to share beautiful and informative emails. So, ease the sharing process.
  • Create a beautiful Landing Page. A landing page with relevant images and content would give a call-to-action tone to the signups.

Is it OK to buy an email list?

A Big NO. It would be best if you never looked to buy an email list. These are ineffective.

Just think of a waste of time sending users emails who did not even subscribe to your website. Sending emails to people from the purchased list can lead to a higher unsubscribed list and make you listed under spam.

Tips to follow while sending emails- 

  • No use of third-party lists that includes purchased, rented, or from any third-party source for subscribers.
  • Users Consent should be there. When the user has opted to receive from your website, only then can you send them emails. Keep an agree with an option in the newsletter.
  • Do not forget to add an unsubscribe link. As per Federal anti-spam law, you need to give people the right to unsubscribe from your emails if they find them unneedful anymore.

What is the best platform for email marketing?

Email marketing has proved to provide the best ROI compared to any other marketing strategy.

But, choosing one of the best platforms for Email Marketing Strategy can simplify your task and give you good results-

  1. Sendinblue
  2. Omnisend
  3. EmailOctopus
  4. EngageBay
  5. ConvertKit
  6. GetResponse
  7. AWeber
  8. ActiveCampaign
  9. Drip
  10. MailerLite
  11. Keap
  12. Constant Contact
  13. Mailchimp
  14. SendX
  15. SendPulse
  16. Freshworks CRM
  17. Bitrix24
  19. Direct Mail for Mac
  20. Emercury

What is the cost to run an Email Marketing Strategy campaign?

The cost depends solely upon the platform that you are using. On average, any mid-sized business, as per the budget, can expect to spend $10- $1,000 each month on email marketing only if they are managing their own.

And if it is working with any agency, it is more likely to be $200- $500 each month or as per the agency demands.

How to create Email Marketing Strategy?

Creating email marketing strategies can be a fairly lengthy topic. However, we will cover below some methods and essential steps for successfully developing email marketing strategies.

1. Planning 

Selection of target audience:

Next, what you need to have is an email contact list of potential customers. But most importantly, before the email contact list, you must identify which segment of the market share you are targeting.

*For instance, if your main product is baby toys and cloth, new parents are your target audience. These will be the people whose email addresses you want to have in your contact list. It is crucial for digital marketing.

Most companies or entrepreneurs outsource this task to an Email Service Provider (ESP). They have the expertise in finding target-oriented contacts and running your Email Marketing Strategy campaign like a breeze.

Typically equipped with specialized automated tools, ESPs are proving to be very effective and result-oriented, which is why many companies are getting their services.

For more on getting professional services of an ESP, you can approach professionals at Fiver.

Signup Forms:

Signup Sources provide you essential information about your subscribers, and that is where and how the subscribers are signing up for the list.

This helps you to have a better idea about what to communicate with your subscribers and how you can move ahead.


As discussed briefly in our previous lecture, data segmentation of your email contacts is a very effective tactic. This allows you to send targeted messages to only a relevant audience interested in a particular thing.

In return, you can be sure that your campaign message will impact the recipient because of its personalized nature.

*Suppose you have an email contact list of 1000 people. These 1000 people have different needs and interests. If you send the same campaign message to all of them, it will probably go unnoticed by the majority or even backfire.

The ideal strategy would be to segment these into small groups with similar interests. In this way, when you send a personalized email to a particular element, the chances of a positive outcome shoot above 90 %.

Define an email schedule:

Information about your audience is vital at this stage. If you know what to use and when to use it for engagement with the client, you will go a long way for sure.

You have to determine when your subscribers can be most engaged. Applying this smoothly will ensure that your audience reads your messages; otherwise, it will all be just for nothing.

Hit the iron when it’s red hot, not sooner, not later. Consider this a golden rule for yourself.

2. Designing of your Emails

Variety of emails:

Based on the segmentation, you can create a variety of emails with specific campaign messages. In this way, you will have a ready-to-send script for thousands of recipients in a segment having the same interests.

Your variety of news will surely be meaningful to that audience because of its personalized nature.

Presentation of email content:

Formatting and presentation of your email content will be the first impression that your recipient will get.

Way before reading your content, your presentation will work for you or against you. No matter how informative or engaging your content is, if it is not in a presentable shape, it will lose its meaning.

For your email marketing strategy to succeed, keep a close eye on defining the most appropriate text size, fonts, formats, etc. Have someone create attractive templates as part of your email marketing strategy.

Email optimization:

Keeping in view the usage of mobile phones in the modern era and its expected increased use in the future, you should also alter your marketing strategy.

Most email users operate mobile for opening and sending emails. Gone are the days of desktop computers being the market dominants.

To be a successful marketer, you have to make sure this increased mobile usage shifts in your favor.

It makes sense to optimize your emails to ensure they reach a wider segment of people. Your strategy for mobile-friendly content may include:

  • Email width cut down to 600px
  • Use of only small display images for presentation
  • Cut those long subject lines into short versions
  • Run a test email circulation to ensure its optimization for most mobile sets
  • Usage of fairly large fonts for better and easy reading

3. Are your Emails up to the mark?

Checking the emails

Different emails are created for various clients. So, when you send the emails, they might look different in the user’s inbox. So, it is best to check how your emails look on mobiles and laptops as they might look different in responsive designs.

Know the timings 

Not sure about the timings when most of the subscribers will open and click? Run an experiment to know the most effective timing when your subscribers respond and send them the emails accordingly.

4. Is it going right? 

It is vital to evaluate the results, hence-

E-commerce data

You can check your Dashboard for your campaign reports, see the sale of your products and all other details to know if your strategy is working right or not.


When you send emails, it can bring massive traffic to your website, and hence you need to check whether your website engagement is increasing or not. You can hit the trend and check for website traffic.


  1. How can I sell more with Email Marketing Strategy?

Some of the effective measures that can be put into use are-

  • Increasing your credibility by solving your customer’s problem
  • Using testimonials to improve your customer’s trust
  • Use relevant images

2. Should I ever resend an email?

It is good to resend email as it increases your value to your customer. Keep in mind to resend important campaigns only, changing the subject line, and keep the timing of resending your email different.

3. How to deal with the disengaged list? 

Two things can be done-

  • Re-engage your subscribers with your changed approach
  • Delete them if they do not want to hear from you at all

4. What are the essential elements of any marketing campaign? 

There are five elements of a marketing campaign-

  • Create your target audience
  • Value Proportion
  • Put call-to-action tone
  • Delivering with the right approach
  • Follow-Up

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, having a solid email marketing strategy, clearly defined practical goals to achieve, and backing these up with a detailed plan is all you need. Depending on your scale of operations, it could be a simple task or a complex one.

In this article, we develop some of the ways of marking and setting your Email Marketing Strategy. It’s a reasonably vast subject to cover in a single report.

However, we have tried our best to cater to it as precisely as possible. We hope that this will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your marketing decisions and tasks.

For learning different aspects of eCommerce and online store setups, we recommend some tried and tested sites such as Siteground and Expandcart. You can also go to Fiver Learn to enhance your skillset.

I was hoping to be of assistance to you in any way possible!

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