Directory Submission Sites

Directory Submission Sites

In this article, we will know about the directory submission sites. At present, we all know that search engine optimization has become very popular. It is similarly a technique of digital marketing which further includes many ways. 

Many activities have emerged in Search engine optimization. And which will help in boosting the ranking of the website. These activities include off-page and on-page activities. The websites will help you to gain adequate space for putting your information. From here, you can quickly develop your website and business. Let’s discuss more things in detail.

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Free Directory Submission sites:

There are more chances to create niche backlinks from your website when it shows more relevant backlinks. And which further helps in many ways. Below is the list of the free directory submission sites. Just look at them:

1. :

Submission Web Directory is a website that helps its users in many ways. This website allows its users to look for the site that they need. 

● People who have their websites and blogs can offer their sites to internet marketing. 

● And which return, will give more directions to increase the number of visitors to their website. 

● As a result, these extra visitors can make a profit for them. When you submit your site, our editors will look at it. 

It ensures that they can add in the directories or not. Before submitting the website to it, you must ensure that your site will be good and has high rankings.

2. :

● It is just a perfect place to place your website in the marketing web directory. 

● This website makes sure that you are listing your business online. Such a marketing web directory is among one of the top business directories. 

● With the help of the reverse directory and white pages directory, you can effortlessly search the phone number. It is a site that only accepts popular and has good rankings. 

3. :

Below are some of the points related to the free internet web directory. 

● While listing your business online, you can look to the free internet web directory. It is one of the directories which is free. 

● Here you can quickly put your site. With the help of the white and you can search the phone numbers. 

● There are many categories involved in the directory. This website is only accepting good and quality content. So make sure that you are submitting a good website here. 

4. :

● The quality internet directory is a website that includes a list of the various websites. This website consists of the SEO directory, further carrying all the categories. 

● The SEO companies, site owners, and website marketing can submit their sites here. 

● Only the Quality internet directory is used chiefly for classes and niches. After the successful submission of your site, our SEO will look into it. 

So, it is a must to submit a site with good content. Please get in contact with us to know more about it. 

5. :

With the Free PR Web directory, you can submit your site freely. You have to pay no charges to get into it. Your web listings for promotion will automatically appear when we approve it all. 

● It will promote your particular site. You can also feature your site for web marketing. 

● For it, you have to submit your directory as a featured link. 

● You can easily submit your site here to promote your site.

 And for the submission of the sites, you have to move to a particular category of the directory. And further have to tap the submit button. Our site welcomes all sorts of links related to Forex trading, Matrimony, Currency Trading, Credit Cards, VISA, etc. 

6. :

Directory vault is a free site that includes all the things related to it. You have to share your site here. But before submitting, make sure that your website is fully designed and there is nothing left to do it more innovative. If our members select your website, then they will get the promotion. So make sure that you are coming with a high-ranking website.

Above are some free directory submission sites that will promote your site at a reasonable level. With the help of the above areas, you can move your website to a high level. But before submitting your website, make sure that your particular website has good rankings.

What are directory submission sites?

The directory submission sites are the off-pages that will keep all the activities related to the SEO(Search Engine Optimization). SEO helps in creating the links for the website. For acting like the directory submission, one has to submit their URL to the directory submission sites. To get a good website ranking, you have to make high-quality backlinks.

Let’s discuss the categories of the Directory Submission Sites:

You will get to know many things when we talk about the different Directory Submission Sites. There are nine different kinds of directories. Just look below to get in detail about them:

1. Reciprocal Regular listing:

To activate the directory link, you have to submit the specific reciprocal link on the site. And further, the directory administrator will approve this link. 

2. Free Directory Submission:

Your link doesn’t need to get approval from the administrator. You have to wait for an extended period for the association’s support. And after the submission, you can get massive traffic for your site.

3. Manually Submission:

All you have to do is to submit all these directory submissions manually. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will never support the false ranking of the venture at any time. 

4. Automatic web submission:

You can submit different URLs with the help of tools and software. With the submission of your URL here, you will get to know all the things related to your website.

5. Do follow Directory Submission:

There are many kinds of bloggers who are present here. So this directory is helpful for those bloggers who want to grow their rankings. This directory submission will help you to get into the SERPs. Such a directory will help you achieve good rankings in SERPs further, which results in a tremendous amount of traffic.

6. No follow directory submission:

This directory submission will remain very nasty. Such a directory will never help you to achieve a good ranking. Further, which will never give you massive traffic in the result. Before submitting the link to this directory, you must make a view through which you can analyze everything through a good part. 

7. Regional directory submission:

It is a kind of directory submission which makes your website capable which will help to locate the search engines. It provides help similar to the SEO booster.

8. Niche Directory Submission:

There are some of the specific directories which include many particular things. Such things are RSS feeds, scripts, blogs, SEO companies, and Web companies. There is a particular subject that is related to the niche directory. 

Free directory submission list 2020 in India:

Many links are included in the list of free directories submissions list. You can look at the given sites below. Particular areas get their place in the Free directory submission list. Just look at some of the below links:

1. :

Our directory gets its strength from the IP diversity to ensure better ranking. Domaining. In, web directory, and These all the directories include the following:






All the directories are reviewed and edited by the actual people. So you can enjoy them to the best. 

2. :

● This is among the sites that will help make the web a safe place. This site ensures that people can surf in a safe place. Before going live, our team makes sure that everything is appropriate. 

● This site uses a simple marketing process that will help users submit their websites easily. Further, which will help in hiring SEO executives. 

● This site is a mobile-friendly website that can take the submission of your website from your phone.  

3. :

Fire Directory is a site That provides you with all the things. From here, you can easily purchase premium subscriptions. 

Above are the sites included in the free directory submission in 2020. Further, this also has two more spots. These are  for more interesting blogs click here,, etc.


Directory submission sites have become the most common site at present. Due to the increment in technology and time, all people learn and earn from this. With the submission of your sites on the directory submission sites, you will get significant traffic. Here are also more free sites available which can make your promote. But before submitting your site here, you must ensure that your site has good content. There are many tools available that further promote your website. 

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