Digital marketing strategies in 2020

Digital marketing is evolving and so should your strategies and plans. If you don’t evolve with the changing trends, than you won’t survive in this natural selection process. Companies have been wiped out of this digital world that were once the kings and creators of the same trends. Reason, not being able to foresee the changing dynamics of digital marketing. For that, you need to read Digital marketing strategies in 2020.

A business runs on a good and solid plan and strategy. At the beginning phase, you need extensive planning and goal oriented decisions that help run the business. Later, you need strategies that take care of the coming challenges and opportunities. It is a fact that a good strategy turns a challenge into an opportunity.

This is a crucial process that you must take into account. Keeping in view the importance of a good and solid strategy, we have dedicated this chapter to explain it in detail. Thus, in this guide, we talk about the digital marketing strategies for 2020.

Let’s get started then.

Why strategy is the key to digital marketing?

First, let’s explained a little about the importance of a strategy. Imagine being on an island that you have never been before. You don’t know anything about it and you don’t have a map of that island either. Also, you don’t have a clue about the plan you need to survive.  If you have to survive there, you’ll have a great difficulty coping with this unknown territory.

Now imagine the same island, but this time you have a map that tells you about the possible food sources, water reservoirs and high altitude places that you can use to call for help. The island will still be difficult to survive but atlases you’ll have a better chance this time.

Similar to this example is digital marketing. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow as thing change overnight. Anew update in the Google software can take you 10 places down. But, if you have a contingency plan for such unexpected updates, you’ll survive just with bruises. You can always learn from Fiverr about strategy and plans.

Let’s now look into the best strategies in digital marketing that you can adopt.

What are some of the most effective strategies in digital marketing?

The basic principle here is to stretch it out across all the platforms. If there is a change in one, you won’t be affected too much as there will be a safety net provided by other platforms. For this purpose, we’ll tell you what options you can explore. Below is the list that you can use as a checklist for digital marketing. If you need to find expert help, go to Fiverr and hire someone great.

·       Email marketing is the key to personalized marketing

Email marketing goes hand in hand with website marketing, affiliate marketing, digital marketing in general. Digital marketing is all about creating new customers while retaining the old ones. We have emphasized the importance of retaining old existing customers throughout this course and will do it again.

A new customer has the potential to become a permanent customer if they have a good experience with you. But an old customer has already passed that stage, they now trust you to come back. For this, you need to use email marketing as much as possible.

Email marketing establishes a personal connection between you and your customer. If you use good and personalized messages in email then your customers will be pulled towards you on a personal basis.

So, make sure you use email marketing and use it for creating personal connections.

·       Social media is imperative for your business

Next on our list is social media. Now you might be wondering why we kept email marketing above social media marketing. The competition is fierce between social media and email but in our analysis, for website marketing, social media is the creator of new customers while email is the anchor that holds the existing customer to your business.

This is why we want you to work on both as they complement each other. Social media marketing can be used to create thousands of leads per month and it is an easy, inexpensive, and extremely effective platform.

Use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest, etc. without them, you can’t even expect your website to show up on the radar. These platforms are the magnets that will pull the customers to your website.

Thus, make sure you pay full attention to social media marketing for your website. There is no better alternative.

·       Content is the king of the digital marketing world

You might have heard this phrase if you are working in digital marketing. Content is the king. This has been true since the start of website marketing and it still remains true to this day. And in the near future, probably forever, it will remain the king.

People come to your website when there are millions of other websites available. They have a lot of choices in this regard. And you have a lot of competitors. Anyone that comes to your website will not stay for long if they don’t like the content. All your effort on marketing on social media or SEO will be wasted. If you have great content, get yourself associated with CJ.

For this, you must ensure high quality, unique, creative, and timely content. Make your visitors fall in love with your content. That’s the only long term solution for your business in this digital age.

So, in short, all hail the king content!

·       Responsive web design is a magnet

Next on our list is web design. Now, we have already discussed how content is the king of the digital world. But what if your content is of great quality but your website is designed poorly. People come to your website but it’s not interactive or attractive at all. They won’t be able to stay for long even for a killer content.

If you want to see how much this fact is then just look at the best websites and see how they have spent some good time on website building. In this regard, SiteGround and ExpandCart can be of great help to you.

·       SEO is the gateway to your website

SEO is the address to your website from Google. It tells search engines to come to your website among thousands others. If your content and website are SEO optimized then there will be more organic traffic and the less you’ll have to spend on social media or paid marketing.

If you’re not good at SEO, you can take a course at Fiverr Learn. And, if you think that’s not something you want to pursue, you can hire an expert from Fiverr

·       Interaction with customer must be a part of your strategy

Another important strategy is to interact with customers and try to get their feedback in the process. There will be some negative feedback. That’s part of the process, don’t be dishearten by this. Make sure you know the difference between constructive criticism and irrelevant rants.

Use this feedback to improve your services and products. Be polite when you interact with the customers and let them know that you care about them

·       Beware of the kids and the elderly

Next in our Digital marketing strategies in 2020, is all about minding the generation gap. Your product defines your strategy in this regard but no product or services if for only one age group. Also, you never know who will be booking your services, it could be a son doing it for a father. So make sure your content is interesting enough for younger generations and rich enough for older ones.

It is not a secret that younger generations like to spend more time on social media. They are also more into games, videos, and advanced technologies. They also love to binge watch TV shows. Don’t ignore their changing trends and attitudes. Modify your content to suit their needs.

·       Beware of your competitor

Finally, as we’ve mentioned above, you‘re up against thousands of other websites. There are dozens of businesses running similar campaigns as yours. This is where good content, interactive approach and analytical skills can help you beat the competition. Be on your toes for this.

The best way to deal with your competitors is to know about them as much as possible. You might have heard this famous line in The Godfather movie, “keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer” that’s exactly what you need to do. Know them from a close distance.

This does not mean you have to befriend them. All you need is a good set of skills and some great tools to asses their websites and content. Even vesting five to six competitor websites will give you an idea of what they are yup to these days. When you have an idea about the content and website, try to come up with better content and marketing campaigns.

Final thoughts

In the end of Digital marketing strategies in 2020, we advise you to be adaptable, creative, aware of the environment, and pay attention to your content strategy. This will help you cushion the effects of changing trends in digital world and stay on top of your game. When you have a good run in this business, you can establish yourself as a mentor or an expert with a brand name for yourself. But for that, you need to have a solid plan with great strategies.

Best of luck with all your endeavors.

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