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In 2023, 3.43 billion people will be using social media!

That requires some serious attention, right? We have discussed the importance of social media and some platforms briefly. But, the role of social media in digital marketing is too vast to be left to some headings in an article. That’s why, in this article, we’ll discuss digital marketing on social media in 2020 and how you can use it effectively to your advantage.

In this regard, this article aims to describe some social media platforms, their benefits, and some limitations that they might have.

After reading this article, you’ll understand different concepts including:

  • The importance of digital marketing on social media
  • What are some of the most important social media platforms
  • Why it is necessary to use every possible social media platform
  • Why only one social media site is not enough for your marketing business
  • The benefits of each platform and its limitations in digital marketing
  • Some tips for each platform for digital marketing

So, let’s get started with this guide on the role of social media in digital marketing and the major platforms.

The importance of digital marketing on social media

It’s hard to imagine people without a social media account. Look around you, do you find anyone without a Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or WhatsApp account?

If they have internet, they have a social media account on one or the other website. Most of us have more than one and there are a good number of people with an account on every major social media platform.

According to Statista,

“In 2019, an estimated 2.95 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 3.43 billion in 2023”

So, with that many people on social media, imagine the leads you can generate from there!

That’s why, in each of our articles, we’ve been stressing to use digital marketing on social media and it is indispensable. You can’t even imagine your website working without a solid social media marketing plan.

Today, many businesses are now using Facebook and Instagram as their main online marketing platform. Thus, digital marketing on social media is not a choice in 2020, it’s a necessity!

With that in mind, we now think that you’ll give due respect to social media and will unleash its potential to help your online business. If you need some help, you can hire an expert on Fiverr.

Let’s now briefly discuss major social media platforms and how they are essential for your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook - the best way of digital marketing

Facebook: Half of all the digital marketing

Over 2.6 Billion monthly active users! That’s one-quarter of the world’s total population!

Facebook is a giant. It has the potential more than any other social media platform. With that many active users, it can be a make or break for any digital business. There is no alternative to its role in online marketing.

With its paid ads, it gives an extra advantage. Not only you can promote your own business through activity on FB, but you can also use it as a marketing tool to promote other peoples’ work.

For a digital business to grow, Facebook is essential. Make sure you learn how to take full advantage of it and earn some serious money in the process. Digital marketing on social media in 2020 is almost impossible without Facebook.

Instagram: The rising tide of Insta-celebs

Instagram is rapidly expanding its influence. With the celebrity culture growing and more and more teenagers are joining. There is a wave of Insta-lovers that is rising every day.

For marketing, the best way to use Instagram is to post daily content in the form of delightful and captivating images. Insta is all about colorful pictures. That’s why there are thousands of teens doing Insta-modeling. They are generating a good income.

Another good but paid way is to use Insta-celebs for your advertisements and product promotions. So Instagram is also core thing for those people who is willing to start digital marketing on social media.

Twitter: The perfect duo of information and marketing digital marketing on social media.

Twitter has the second-highest daily visitors after Facebook and it’s insanely popular in the US. Its microblogging style combines information with entertainment. It has many different uses and is extremely diverse in its user base. From social media celebrities to mainstream actors, Hollywood stars to champion athletes, politicians to social activists, almost every segment of society is present on twitter.

This makes it a potent force for marketing and brand awareness for digital marketing campaigns. There is no limit to your message as you can use hashtags to reach relevant people.

A limitation of Twitter is that it’s not very visual. People do upload images, but it’s mainly about text messages and opinions. But you can share links to your website, channels, and blog and reach millions of people.

YouTube: The king of video sharing

Next is YouTube. You cannot find a person who knows how to use the internet but has never used YouTube ever. It’s insanely popular and has no parallels when it comes to video content. It has been challenged by websites like TikTok and Dailymotion but its uniqueness remains its strength.

You can upload videos on YouTube and create tutorials if you’ve got some experience. You can also create ad campaigns to reach millions of people. Paid ads are a great source for emerging digital marketers.

Digital marketing on social media in 2020 cannot be left alone to article sharing, videos and thus YouTube is a necessity now!

TikTok: the underdog of social media

TikTok emerged as a local video platform in China and India but spread like wildfire throughout the world. It has about a billion users and has been insanely popular among teens and youngsters.

It allows you to share small videos of your own or about a subject. The creativity of people was unleashed by TikTok as it provided a platform for users and young artists to express themselves. Through its short videos, it has gained a great potential and is among the top social media sites. Furthermore, Tiktok has become more popular app. So it could be beneficial for those people who is working digital marketing on social media.

LinkedIn: Where the professionalism meets business

The name LinkedIn invokes formal and professional tones. It brings to mind suits and briefcases and office-going professionals. A corporate and industrial image is created in our heads when we hear about this platform.

That’s because it has been used widely for job postings, hiring, new job opportunities, and company profiles. There are millions of people on this platform and almost all of them are working-class individuals or business enterprises.

It can generate thousands of leads for your products and services. Make sure you have an active presence there.

Snapchat: The personal form of business

Snapchat got a lot of fame for its small-length videos and is very popular in the western world and Saudi Arabia. It is a favorite among teenagers generation Z.  It is rated among the most powerful social media tool by many analysts and has a strong appeal.

Its filters on videos became famous among the teens who loved creating funny and adorable videos. If you’re in digital marketing, make sure you know how to reach out to millions of users on Snapchat through creative videos and engaging content.

WhatsApp: Marketing every second

WhatsApp has replaced messaging in many countries. It is not as popular in the US as it is in other parts of the world but with over a billion android users, it’s among the top social media groups. Its best and most famous feature is groups.

In India for example, people use WhatsApp more often than Facebook. That’s because WhatsApp groups are more personal. In each cell phone with WhatsApp, there are different groups like friends, family, co-workers, class-fellow, etc.

The marketing on this platform can be done through sharing quality videos, images, messages, and links to your website and blog. Also, you can add a link to your website or social media page from where people can share the content on WhatsApp. If you don’t have a website and want to build one, go to SiteGround and get the best deal.

Telegram: The messaging combined with marketing

Telegram is just like WhatsApp with fewer users and slightly more features. In addition to messages, groups, and sharing content, it also offers secret chat, larger group capacity, self-destructing messages, and a dark mode theme.

It has a great potential as a social media platform. With more than 400 million active users, it can be used effectively by digital marketers to spread brand awareness. It works similar to WhatsApp and can be used on the website and other social media platforms to share the content.

Pinterest: The world of banner-articles

With more than 320 monthly active users, Pinterest is a major content sharing website. In the recent Google update, Pinterest got some special attention as now it features on the top results. With millions of ideas shared and new content added every day, it is effectively a branding paradise.

The best thing about Pinterest is that it is a favorite of millions of people to share their ideas and hobbies. Each idea is ‘pinned’ to the website in the respective category. This is a great feature and can drive traffic to a website or blog. You can add your pin to the website with a link back to your original website. This will generate good traffic if your content is of good quality.

If you have a website, you can get associated with CJ and earn a good amount every month as a passive income.

Livestreams to Connect with an audience

Due to the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic, everyone got comfortable with live streaming. The social media trend includes live streams, and consumers have imbibed it in their routine very well. Now with most uncertainty of the pandemic last year, all of us find ourselves in a world where Zoom, Google meet, Facetime, and Instagram Live are like putting on a well-worn pair of jeans. Since everyone is much comfortable with it now, your brand should get in on the action. You can tell your brand story or about the product while humanizing your brand and addressing consumer requirements at the same time.

Virtual Reality has become Mainstream 

VR went from curiosity last year in the pandemic into mainstream adoption since many longed to get out and about but couldn’t.  VR headsets and gaming have to lead the charge, but many other innovative uses have come to light as leading and trending social media trends in People now get their workouts in remote places, toured far-flung locales like the famous Vatican via VR tours, and even did their car and electronic buying virtually with Vroom.

Reddit - the best way of digital marketing
Reddit – the best way of digital marketing

Reddit as a Real-Time Marketing Intelligence Pool

Brands often overlook Reddit, but it shouldn’t be as it’s a social media trend unto itself. It’s not in your face or flash like many other social media platforms, but its users take it very seriously. The brand reviews about Reddit should also be since it’s a goldmine for the voice of the customer (VoC) intel.

There’s a lot about to be had as well since Reddit boasts 430 million active monthly users. Users and consumers discuss brands and products at length on the platform, and it’s a go-to platform for many users doing their due diligence on new products or ideas. And since discussions and content about the brands and products are primarily text-based, it should be a cold breeze to pull Reddit conversations into your social media listening tools to extract some essential market intelligence and find weak spots in your category that you can step in and fill.


Q.1 How will social media marketing change ?

Social Media Trends in have completely changed. Brands will continue to take a less is more posting approach. The content value will beat production quality. Conversational marketing will change its tone.

Q.2 How will digital marketing help in business growth ?

Now Digital Marketing on social media is updating day by day so is expected to be massively driven and focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. AI and ML both have become an essential part and help enhance customer outcome and satisfaction as it allows brands to know what the customers are expecting.

Q.3 Is digital marketing on social media worth it ?

Digital marketing has provided diverse growth in every field. Digital marketing course  has taken a firing speed. Taking a course from a well-known institute hiring industry experts to deliver the system is a fast and very effective way to build new skills and enhance your knowledge about digital marketing.

The final word

In the end, we’ll advise you to use as many social media platforms as possible. There are different demographics for each site which limits its range. So, make sure you don’t miss out on a certain age group just because you ignored a social media site. If you need to learn digital marketing, you can visit Fiverr Learn for some excellent courses. We wish you the best of luck in Digital marketing on social media in 2020.

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