Digital Marketing mistakes to avoid in 2021


Digital marketing is a bumpy ride for some people. Others have it easy. Why some startups make it to the success quarters while others remain in obscurity for years? There are reasons and experts conduct good research into this area to find out the reasons. Based on the research and experience, they suggest some digital marketing mistakes to avoid in order to succeed.

The advice we are about to share may sound simple but many entrepreneurs ignore it at the beginning but find it difficult later on. This is also the reason why some digital marketers leave the field early on as they fail to attain good revenues due to these mistakes.

Also, some affiliate and digital marketers focus too much on one thing while ignoring another. This decreases the potential of the business as many opportunities slide by without notice. The principle of digital marketing is all about funnels and channels of influence and if even a single channel is broken, it’s a problem.

Keeping in view of this phenomena that occurs with the newcomers, we have compiled some of the most common digital marketing mistakes to avoid.

So let’s get started!

1.     Avoiding social media marketing

The importance of social media cannot be ignored without compromising the quality of your business. There is no other way around social media when you are working in digital marketing. Many people use social media for personal accounts but forget its professional and business usage. This results in poor revenue generation and brand marketing.

Indeed, this is the century of social media and you must use it to the fullest extent. With social media, you can make your website popular and generate more leads. Do not forget any of the channels of digital marketing as each has its own benefits. Your website should also be optimized, for that you can get one from SiteGround

Make business accounts on each social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram etc.

2.     Not defining your target audience

Second on our list of Digital Marketing mistakes to avoid is not defining your target audience.

Startups forget to know the difference between useful audience and people who are out of their brand leads. There is a need for each product. You can’t sell medicine to people who are perfectly healthy. You can’t send weight loss programs to people who are trying to gain weight. This means that you must know who your audience is and what they are looking for from you.

The truck here is to get a complete analysis of the users of your product or service. When you know who uses your product, you can create the content fro them. With data, you can identify the potential clients and then target them to get more leads.

Similarly, you should know which age group you are targeting. If your brand is for teenagers, you create content that is interesting for teenagers instead of boring long articles. But elderly might enjoy long articles if your target audience is above 50 and your product is for elderly. For eCommerce, get a website from ExpandCart to target a specific audience.

3.     Focusing too much on new customers ignoring existing ones

This mistake is more common than you think. And it’s a deadly mistake too. It limits your business’ age and longevity. It is estimated that for every new customer, you have to spend three times more as compared to retaining an old one. This is huge difference and one that needs our careful attention.

For this purpose, you must have a strategy. For example, retaining a customer through email marketing is one way to deal with this. You can connect either your existing customers via email and have a personalized contact established. Also, you can connect with them on social media and let them know that you care about them

Another way is to give out loyalty benefits to old and recurring customers. This is done through gibing discounts and free services to retain them. You must have heard or received coupons from stores and free miles from airlines. That’s all about customer retention.

4.     Not being interactive and accessible

This problem occurs when digital marketers are either too busy or they ignore the fact that customers are too important. Either way, you lose a lot of revenue if you’re doing this. No one likes to talk to stones or inhumane webpages. If there is no one behind them who can interact on a human level than people do not stay there for a long time.

This is perhaps the difference between a successful entrepreneur and an average or failed one. The best of businesses run on long term connections and interactions with the marketers and customers.

In many traditional companies, the marketing managers are an asset in themselves. As they have many personal contacts that benefit the company as well. If they leave, all those customer leave with them. Similar, in digital marketing, people would leave if they don’t have someone accessible and interactive.

5.     Working without a proper content strategy

This is yet another mistake that many newcomers make. They just start from one side and try to fillip the website with anything that comes to their minds. The digital marketing business is not a random work. There is a method to this madness and you must adopt a method or strategy for the contest.

For example, if you’re working on a food blog, you can’t post articles about shoes and fashion that are not even remotely related to food. There might be a connection but for that, you need a genuine strategy and a quality content.

Also, without a proper content strategy, you don’t know how much content is necessary for which category. You also don’t know the reason for any of the content you post. And it’s a terrible thing for Search engine optimization.

Thus, make sure you work with a proper content strategy and know what you are doing with your website. Don’t go blind in a dark tunnel.

6.     Focusing too much on paid advertisements

Next in line is money vs. hard work debate. You can’t buy your success and you know that. Many startups with a lot of money failed miserably while others with less resources did wonders. It is not about money after all/.

This brings us to the mistake number six. Don’t focus too much on paid advertisements. Notice that we have not said don’t focus on paid promotions at all. That’s because paid advertisements are a great way to promote your website. But focusing too much on them makes you lax and lazy.

The best way to go is to focus on the content first and create killer conte.t make sure that if you do a paid ad, the people who land on your website should stay due to great content. Otherwise it’ll be counterproductive and you’ll lose your money too.

So, create a great content and then do the paid advertisement to an optimum level.

7.     Not paying attention to mobile users

A decade ago, there were no mobile internet users. There were only laptop and desktop users. And there were some who used IPad and cell phones. But today, more and more people are shifting towards mobile phones and there is a lot of traffic coming from there. This is our mistake number seven.

Not paying attention to mobile users. For one thing, it will be bad for your website image. Secondly, social media users are mostly on the mobile devices so you will lose on that front too. If your website is not user friendly, or your content is not suitable to be played on the cell phone, you will lose almost half of the traffic. Hire someone from Fiverr for this purpose if you need.

Also, in the future, there will be more mobile phone internet users than PC or laptop users. This will be devastating if you’re planning to make a website or a digital marketing agency that does not cater to mobile user’s needs.

8.     Not using SEO and SEM

Last on our Digital Marketing mistakes to avoid list is a deadly mistake. That is not using SEO for a website. Either it’s on page SEO or off page SEO, you can’t ignore any. If you do, your website will stay in the midst of billions of other failed websites. There is a virtual graveyard of websites where all the dead websites remain for eternity. They make some of the above mentioned mistakes and the most deadly of them is not focusing on SEO. You can learn from Fiverr in this category.

Make sure you do proper SEO and also use SEM for website promotion.

9. Not Having a Unique Blog

One cannot deny the actual proven fact that content is known as the king of marketing. But often, people do tend to overlook this fact and the importance of text marketing. Even in modern and current situations, content marketing, text marketing can deliver exceptional results.

But do not post blogs or articles just for the sake of attracting traffic. It would be best if you had a detailed content marketing strategy to have positive results.

  • Knowing your buyers’ personalities and requirements
  • Detailed keyword research and inappropriate keyword research
  • The final context of every blog and article is not up to the mark
  • Proof-reading and validation of the final drafted content from the campaign manager is not done properly
  • Snippet sharing with your audience and customers
  • Personalizing the content too much
  • Sharing the same link on different social media platforms and companies
  • Inclusion of quotes, facts, and graphic content to lift content promotions

These pointers listed above will give you a distinct idea of strategizing content promotion for your marketing campaigns.

10. Ignoring the Competition

While your focus is on creating content different from your competitors, do not completely ignore what you are doing. Keep your eyes open. It would be best to make your customers aware of others and better than your competitors. To do so, you need to have a SWOT Analysis of yourself with each significant competitor. With the help of SWOT Analysis, you will know where your business stands and your competitors’ brand value.

Always remember in your mind that there is a lot to learn from your competitors. For instance, you can see their social media actions, how they deal with the changing times, how they respond to their customers’ comments and queries, and many such minute details. 


Q.1 What are common digital marketing mistakes?

The 7 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

  • Focusing on eyeballs instead of offers.
  • Failing to talk or have a conversation about your customers (and their problems).
  • Asking prospects for too much, too soon.
  • Being unwilling to pay for traffic.
  • Being product-centric.
  • Tracking the wrong metrics.
  • Building assets on other people’s land.

Q.2 What can go wrong in digital marketing?

7 Deadly Digital Marketing Mistakes are as follows

  • Underselling Your Website. 
  • Missing Your Target Market.
  • Setting Unrealistic Goals.
  • Using Clickbait.
  • Not Investing in The Right Resources.
  • Only Spending on Paid Advertisements.
  • Not Personalizing Your Communication for Every Customer.


Q.3 Why does digital marketing fail?

Another top reason why digital marketing fails is that marketers don’t stay on top of the data. Use Google Analytics to track the most critical metrics, such as your conversion rate, more dwell time and average time on page or content, bounce rate, organic search rankings, and more.


Q.4 What are common mistakes in marketing?

8 Common Marketing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

  • Making assumptions.
  • Ignoring customer complaints.
  • Faking popularity.
  • Using dirty data.
  • Competing on price.
  • Missing the emotional drivers of choice.
  • Forgetting to edit.
  • Offering what you can’t deliver.

Q. 5 What is the biggest mistake digital marketers make?

Common most Digital Marketing Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making are as follows:

  • #1) A vague Clarity on Your Audience or Digital Marketing Goals.
  • #2) Failing to Create a Documented Strategy.
  • #3) Posting on Social Media without a strategic End Goal.
  • #4) Not Honing Your SEO Strategy.
  • #5) Underutilizing Case Studies.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, we must be careful in our journey towards a successful digital marketer. There are a lot of perks but there are also many challenges associated. If we are not careful, we might not reach our full potential.

In this article, we hope that you’ve learnt about the common mistakes that many people make. We advise you to not repeat them so that your journey is more pleasant and your rewards are sweeter than honey.

We wish you best of luck in this journey.

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