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Best SEO courses for digital marketing professionals


SEO is arguably the most important factor in digital marketing. There are different aspects to SEO, and how it can be used effectively. These aspects can be learned from some of the best SEO courses in digital marketing from professionals online.

Our aim at SPI is to impart maximum skills and job-related awareness to digital marketing professionals. And for that purpose, we keep bringing new and exciting articles for digital marketing projects.

One of the major roles is played by courses that are instrumental in professional development and overall growth of newcomers as well as veterans. Keeping that in mind, we’ve researched hard and found out some great SEO courses online.

These courses help both in personal as well as professional development as there are values that are instilled through quality material. Once you acquire these skills, you can do your SEO more effectively and can achieve greater success.

So, without delay, let’s start some of the best seo courses

SEO courses for Beginners: Beginner’s course on Udemy

This course will impart basic skills necessary to start a career as an SEO specialist. There are free video tutorials, assignments, and assessment material to help you become a starter expert of SEO. This course is offered at a price but you can bypass that if you’re just learning through videos.

Udemy has a history of teaching online courses and has a name for itself. Just like that, with this course, you’ll learn important skills such as,

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content creation optimized for SEO of the websites

With Udemy, you know that the course material is of high quality and will deliver on its promise. We’ve personally evaluated this course and it has a great potential for newcomers. There are enough videos and assignments to give you a complete understanding of SEO.

In our opinion, this is one of the best SEO courses for digital marketing professionals.

SEO Fundamentals by UC Davis on Coursera

UC Davis offers this basic course on Search Engine Optimization through Coursera. The platform as well as the course offering university are both highly esteemed in the education world. There are no parallels to this course as it has great potential.

The best thing about this course is that you can learn for free all the course material through its audit course option.

It offers On-page, Off-page, technical, and Link-building SEO techniques. It also has great material on consumer and search psychology. Do check out the contents of this course before you get started. You can pace your learning at your own discretion.

SEO Course by MOZ on Udemy

Moz has amazing tools for SEO as well as a great name for improving standards and awareness related to Search Engine Optimization. It has a great toolbar for website rankings and DA links to help you know about the health and quality of a website.

In terms of courses, Moz also has a great quality of material for imparting important skills to digital marketing professionals. This course on Udemy also has all the SEO aspects covered.

Check out this course on Udemy and you’ll have a much better understanding of Technical SEO after completing this course.

SEO to build organic traffic on HubSpot

Have you seen the HubSpot blog so far? It’s a great resource for Digital marketing professionals and rarely a good professional doesn’t know about it. Keeping to its tradition of quality, this course also offers great learning material for SEO skills.

The up-to-date resource material has a great quality and has effectiveness revisited now and then. Unlike other old material courses, this one offers a fresh perspective as of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Must see this course before you decide to spend your precious time learning about Search Engine Optimization.

On-Page and Technical SEO course on SEMrush

SEMrush has probably the best SEO tools on keyword research, website audit, and competitor analysis. This absolutely free course is a great addition to that credit. You can learn about all the aspects of SEO as well as tutorials on how to use SEMrush tools.

With video lectures, you can understand the concepts, and with practical tasks, you can test and practice your skills of this theoretical knowledge. Aligned with the usability of SEMrush tools, this course will help you practically understand and implement SEO strategies.

Must see this course if you’re trying to learn SEO for practical work. It’s arguably the best SEO courses for digital marketing professionals.

SEO foundations on LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning has been a great source for newcomers and professionals who want to expand their horizons of skills and expertise. People who are familiar with LinkedIn and its users know how great this platform is. There are immense opportunities for learning and networking here.

This SEO course is also a great source for digital marketing professionals. With LinkedIn certification, you can additionally benefit from your resumes and job applications. On freelance platforms, you can also benefit from this course by showcasing your skills on your profile.

Do share this course with others and let us know in comments how you like it.

SEO Training on Yoast

Yoast is almost a necessity for website owners and blog runners. It allows us to make important settings on our WordPress and other platforms. Its plugin is the most important for publishing content on the website or blog.

This gives Yoast an edge as it has all the insiders’ information about SEO and how it works. Therefore, this course has the advantage of experience and has a great appeal for new digital marketing professionals.

For a detailed review, you can check out the customer comments on the social media page of Yoast and find out more about this course through people’s reactions.


In the end, we’d like to emphasize the importance of trainings and courses for professionals. This is considered as one of the most important habits in the life of successful entrepreneurs and professionals. Without sharpening the saw, as it is called, you cannot make any progress.

New trends are coming every day and people are getting more and more professional through training. This has increased the competition and new learnings are necessary. In that sense, you must enroll in one of these courses and get yourself the best of skills right now.

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