Best online affiliate programs for passive income

Newcomers face a lot of problems when they enter the affiliate marketing career. There are dozens of affiliate programs and every one of them offers Disney like dreams. However, these fairytales are not all about happy endings, and sometimes the newbies get stuck in the dark forests of false promises. Most of them don’t have a clue about the best online affiliate programs for passive income.

For this reason, we decided to step in and help some of our highly capable emerging entrepreneurs. We went on a research spree and found some amazing affiliate programs that will be beneficial for the newcomers.

In our quest for the best online affiliate programs, we found this online backup affiliate program quite amazing. With great terms and some serious commitment, it’s a great find for affiliate marketing professionals.

We’ve already discussed Amazon affiliate marketing and other leading affiliate programs. In this article, we want to explore new and exciting networks to expand your horizon of the affiliate world.

Let us start with-

What does an Affiliate Income Mean? 

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is one of way to earn through Affiliate Marketing. When you run an Affiliate Marketing program you earn an income through promoting other people’s brand, products and services.

Common medium through which people promote their products and brands is through Display Ads (Banner Ads), Links and Content.

Average income through Affiliate Marketing 

You must be thinking how much does an Affiliate Marketer earn?

The stats shows a variety of results-

  1. Some Affiliate Marketers earn thousand dollar a month.
  2. Some even earn six figures.

Income of Affiliate Marketing Blog

For an Affiliate Marketer, a blog is an important tool. When worked properly, the blog generates a good affiliate income and thus it gives a good business too. How blog benefits for Affiliate income are-

    1. When you have a regularly updated blog, you create your audience.
    2. You can have your own huge audience through organic traffic, email marketing or through paid promotions.
    3. You can include relevant  content through affiliate promotions, through content or through promotional links.
    4. With time you will be able to have high authority with relevant content.

So, let’s go on a journey to find some of the best online affiliate programs to earn passive income.

Best online affiliate programs for passive income


Fiverr affiliate program is by far the most lucrative one in the market. It might not be in the list of affiliate marketing giants, but it has a great potential for secondary affiliate networking. With a great customer base in online freelancing services, Fiverr is a great and successful platform.

With its success, the affiliate program becomes more and more sought after on the internet. Currently, there are a staggering 14 million Fiverr users who are earning millions of dollars in freelancing. With a growing network, the Fiverr affiliate program is a great source of passive income.

Best online affiliate programs for passive income


Wix is a leading cloud-based website development platform. As of 2020, Wix has in between 145 and 190 million users. This makes it a great affiliate program in 2020. With the growing digital world, the scope and reach of Wix are only going to increase.

With its increasing number of users, there is a great opportunity to get affiliated with this network. For a newcomer, this can be a double bonus. They can build their website on Wix as well as get an affiliate program from them as well.

Best online affiliate programs for passive income


Weebly is another web development platform that allows you to develop a website without a single line of code. Currently, Weebly has more than 30 million websites on its platform and the number is increasing every day.

Similar to its ease of website building service, its associate program is also easy to handle. Getting association is super-easy and commission is also good. For new affiliate marketers, Weebly offers a great service.

Best online affiliate programs for passive income


Shopify is a multinational company dealing in eCommerce. Over the years, it has earned a name of its own in online eCommerce businesses. It allows business owners to set up an online store, accept credit card payments, organize their products on the website, etc.

Currently, 1.2 million people are doing business through Shopify. However, this translates into millions of people as those stores attract a large number of people every day. This makes Shopify a great associate network to start affiliate marketing.

Best online affiliate programs for passive income


ClickBank is one of the oldest players on the block. Founded in 1998, it boasts of a great past. With more than 6 million clients worldwide, it also has a strong present and a bright future. This makes it a great platform for affiliate marketing.

The program is easy to set up and is a great source of passive income in affiliate marketing. With loyal customers, its reach is constant and thus is a secure investment of time and money.

Best online affiliate programs for passive income


ShareASale offers a platform for affiliate marketers and merchants to promote and sell products. These products are not manufactured by either one of them. Instead, both the merchants and the affiliates work with other people’s products.

As an affiliate, you can use your blog, channel, SEO, or other marketing tools to promote this platform and products and earn a commission in return.

Best online affiliate programs for passive income


FlexOffers is an online platform that allows associates and publishers to use a number of features to promote their products. It has a vast network and is highly cost-effective. This makes it a great catch for affiliate marketing professionals.

With a growing network, it’s a wonderful program to get started in affiliate marketing.

Tips for increasing Affiliate Income 

Keen to have a successful affiliate marketing career? So, here are some of the tips that can help you boost your passive income-

  • Select Right Products 

Remove the thought of knowing about all products as an Affiliate instead; focus on products you know about and are helpful for your audience. The more you have relevant products for your audience, the more likely you will visit your website, click on the links, and make passive income.

  • Give right information 

The hard sell is not applicable anymore, and most people are keen to have information about your products and services that helps to make up their minds. Many successful affiliates provide product reviews, tips, and buying guides that increase their audience’s trust.

  • Optimizing your content 

Once you are done writing your content, make sure you optimize them by doing proper SEO. This helps your content to find on people’s searches on the search engines. Giving helpful reviews will help your users gain trust in your website.

  • Do Video Promotion 

Online buyers look for the video for authentic information. Even 55% of people tend to look for videos while purchasing on-store. Through videos, you can show people the product you are using and its review. Look for one of the videos for affiliate marketing promotions.

  • Experiments for boosting conversions 

One of the most considerable troubles that every affiliate blogger faces is getting traffic. Then conversion of the clicks. So, one can experiment with the headlines and use CTA (Call to Action Tone).

Also, you can look for trending images and videos and experiment with them to check the results. For example, it has been observed that pictures with people have high CTR than images without people to promote the tech niche in the United States.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn extra passive income. Similarly, you would need to put extra effort before your earning, and you will get tremendous results. The programs, as mentioned earlier, are some of the best affiliate programs that would help you make a passive income.

Most of the programs mentioned earlier would need you to own a website, and WordPress is one of the platforms where you can set up your website.


  1. What are recurring commission programs? 

When one sign-ups with your referral links, recurring affiliate programs give you a part of their income every month or with every payment cycle. So, it is not just you earn through affiliate marketing but also through referral links that you are promoting.

2. Is it free to join affiliate programs? 

Yes, mostly, it is entirely free to sign up for any affiliate program, but some affiliate programs might ask you to promote their products or services.

3. What is an Affiliate Network? 

Affiliate networks are the bridge that connects bloggers and publishers/entrepreneurs that offer affiliate program opportunities for their products or services. This happens via a portal or affiliate network that allows publishers to have access to multiple affiliate programs.

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