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Best 10 tips for e-mail marketing in 2021



An E-mail has become a mainstay in the world of digital marketing, used by SaaS and eCommerce business platforms alike as a strategy for converting customers and gaining traction from them.

While 2020 was reported as a tumultuous year for business and company growth, it has pushed e-mail back to the forefront of digital marketing campaigns and made it one of the most important tools for engagement.

As more and more consumers shop online nowadays, there is an even greater need to engage and connect digitally, and e-mail marketing is an excellent way of doing this.

Especially effective in a remote work environment, e-mail marketing can be used to promote your company products, vocalize your brand ethics and strategies, and send out newsletters. E-mails can reach thousands of people, all at a click of a button, which is why it’s so important to prioritize building your e-mail list.

As we move further into 2021, it has been clear that e-mail marketing will become a big focus for building strategy for many businesses, and it should become yours too! Craft a design that incorporates e-mail marketing, and you’ll start to see increased levels of engagement and conversion rates.

Read the below article on the best 10 tips for e-mail marketing 2021 and avail yourself of the basic information about the essential tips and trends of e-mail marketing in 2021.

E-mail marketing in 2021

We know with experience that running an e-mail marketing campaign needs a certain level of time and attention. Most marketers and entrepreneurs have minimal time to spare. Therefore, they face difficulty in getting expected results from their e-mail marketing strategy.For them, we’ve brought some tips for e-mail marketingin 2021.

This chapter is specifically designed for those of you who are struggling to land perfect sales conversions.

We have gathered some critical tips for e-mail marketing for struggling guys like you. You will learn the secrets of improving conversions and generating more leads through your campaign by the end of the guide.

These tips will also be of use to experienced marketers. We hope that they will also get something new from the detailed tips that we have provided here.

Let’s get started.

Best 10 tips for e-mail marketing in 2021:

With vast experience in e-mail marketing, we know that there would be times where the customer just ignores your e-mails. At that time, you need to understand and find out the missing clue that you didn’t apply while sending those e-mails.

There must be something fundamentally wrong with your campaign activity.

Even you, as a customer, may have ignored several e-mails or deleted them right away. It could be because of several reasons. These reasons may include the content of the e-mails or the wrong choice of e-mail segment for that particular message.

Let’s have some detailed tips for e-mail marketing which improvement in your content.

Give something of value in exchange:

The number of subscribers is how you can measure potential in business activity. The higher the number of subscribers, the higher is the reach of your promotion and the conversions in the form of sales.

People tend not to share their e-mail or contact information that quickly. You have to be proactive in giving them a solid reason to sign up on your online website.

It will help if you offer them something of value, which leaves them with no other choice but to sign up. In return, you will get their e-mail information.

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Re-engage with inactive subscribers:

Engaging with new customers can take time. A relatively easy and less expensive task would be to activate your relationship with your existing inactive subscribers. These subscribers will surely know about you and your brand and would need less effort in that way.

Firstly, you have to define an average inactivity period.

Let’s just say six months.

You have got to focus on subscribers with inactivity beyond that period.

Try to engage with them through quizzes or surveys and, in return, send some gifts and rewards for them. The best way would be to offer gifts as a token of appreciation for their long-term subscription. It will be hard to ignore such gestures.

Automate your campaign:

Next in our Email Marketing Tips in 2020 is automation. Opting for automation in your e-mail marketing campaign is often credited for a 10 % more increase in sales than standard methods. E-mail automation tools will be perfect for generating more lead conversions and building a delightful and courteous relationship with the customers.

There are a lot of practical automation tools for service providers. You can approach top professionals at Fiver for such tasks as well.

E-mail personalization:

Getting your e-mail content personalized will indeed have a positive impact on your message responses from customers. It will make your e-mails more relatable to your potential customers.

Personalized e-mails have six times more chance of conversions in the form of customer transactions.

Do not just focus on adding customers’ names in the e-mail. E-mail personalization is beyond that. Make it more specific to each need and interest.

Exclusive content:

The use of exclusive content sends a solid message to the subscriber. Many brands have been using it for ages. For instance, tycoons of their category, Apple and Ferrari, are perfect examples of exclusiveness.

They may not have a considerable market share in terms of the number of units sold, but they are giants on their own.

With exclusivity, you make your customer feel special. You have to stress the idea that such products or promotions are exclusively for your subscribers. People dig the idea of a limited edition exclusive product.

This will surely help you in building a deeper connection with your subscriber base.

Show Urgency in your e-mails:

Another tip for attaining more subscribers is showing Urgency in your e-mails. This will put the recipients under pressure and make them take some action about it. Different terms have been used for this purpose, such as “Act Now,” “Hurry,” and “Only a few items left.”

People tend to take your e-mails more seriously and act on them if they find out about a defined deadline of availing an offer. It’s an essential human trait.

Some major online stores, such as Amazon, also use Urgency to get more sales conversions.

You can also get the same results by showing the availability of limited stock. Urgency combined with scarcity is the perfect combination.

Use of social proof:

The concept of social proof is a basic one that has been continued for quite some time now. For instance, you see a dining place on social media that has a lot of reviews. And then you see another one on social media with no or fewer customer reviews.

Which dining place will you prefer to have a good time at? For sure, it will be the one with several customer reviews.

This is a perfect example of social proof, and it helps generate a broader impact on the vast majority of the audience. This vast majority typically makes their buying decisions based on social evidence that they get their hands on.

That’s the influence of social proof for deciding which brands should be bought from and which to avoid. People heavily rely on that.

Most marketers use this in their e-mail marketing campaigns, and it has worked wonders for them. You can also show social proof in your e-mail marketing messages.

One such example of the use of social proof is Amazon. Amazon used this in the form of reviews and ratings. They know the importance of these customer reviews and ratings, and they aggressively display it in their campaigns.

Besides the tactics already discussed, you can also share customers’ success stories through your e-mail messages. These will be more relatable things for your subscribers, and they will feel they can achieve such success as well. More confidence and brand loyalty will be the result of this campaign initiative.

Use of cliff hangers:

Although a movie or fiction term, cliffhangers can be applied as an effective tool in your marketing campaign. Intelligent marketers are tapping into the result-oriented usage of cliffhangers.

So what is a cliffhanger, you ask?

Well, Wikipedia defined cliff hangers as;

“A cliffhanger or cliffhanger ending is a plot device in fiction which features a main character in a precarious or difficult dilemma, or confronted with a shocking revelation at the end of an episode of serialized fiction.”

So basically, a cliffhanger is what happens at the end of a movie or fiction chapter to make your jaw drop in surprise. This leaves the customer awaited for the next episode or chapter to have.

Most TV productions are based on this concept, especially fiction thrillers. They keep you seated and not moving on to the next thing to watch or read. Instead, you wait impatiently for the next chapter.

For e-mail marketing, you must use these cliffhangers to make your content more engaging. If your subscribers do not last long for your next offer, you will find it challenging to have a long-term relationship.

Welcome e-mails:

For new subscribers, you should show compassion and gratitude for subscribing in the form of a welcome note. It is the most common and famous first e-mail expression. Your subscriber must feel special and welcomed when joining your network. Show them that you care.

Also, it will be your first impression as a brand in the eyes of the subscriber. It’s like treating them suitable for the first time, so they may treat you accordingly when their time comes.

Give them a token of appreciation in the form of a voucher. It will not cost you a bit, but the relationship will go a long way.

Use of ‘you’:

Usage of the word ‘you in an appropriate way conveys a powerful message. You must add it in the right place in your e-mails. You may have two piles of e-mails, such as personal letters and notifications, and the second one being the transactional type of stuff. Always put your e-mails to the subscriber in the 1st pile.

Make it more personal. People like to receive e-mails they feel personalized.

E-mail marketing trends in 2021

Be on top of the game, and come prepared with a 2021 strategy that keeps top of the latest trends and innovations. Here are eight e-mail marketing trends that can supercharge your 2021 business and growth strategy.

Personalization in E-mail Marketing

Customers do not just want to feel like another cog in the works; they want to feel more valued by the companies they invest in. One problem that can occur in e-mail marketing is the lack of personalization that comes with automation. A key trend to follow is leveraging robotic process automation and AI to create personalized e-mails that speak to your consumers.

This means using automation and Artificial Intelligence to send targeted e-mails that appeal to your specific audience segment. Analyze your customer’s shopping habits and likings, opening rates, and favorite products or services to create an e-mail that speaks to those behaviors.

The basics are essential in personalization, so always remember to include the customer’s name and adding a personalized message.

Implementing AI to Optimize E-mail Strategy

We touched on the topic briefly in the above segment as well, but implementing AI into your strategy can help streamline your e-mail marketing efforts. When analyzing customer habits and likings, and open rates, AI can be used to perform several tasks, including:

  • Optimizing surveys
  • Using analytics to predict outcomes of the strategy
  • Processing large amounts of customer data at the same time
  • Adding the keywords with SEO optimizer
  • We can also use AI to make e-mail marketing run more smoothly and with ease. Consider implementing Artificial intelligence to increase the speed of your campaign and do the tasks that take up most of your time that will avail your output, such as:
  • They are writing subject lines in e-mails.
  • Optimizing send several times.
  • Cleaning up mailing lists
  • Restructuring e-mail campaigns

Incorporating User-Generated Content Into E-mails

One of the most straightforward way to get more organic traffic and convert more customers is by implementing user-generated content into your e-mails. Users and customers are more likely to trust a company’s service or product if they can see significant positive customer feedback from a wide range of the public.

The fantastic thing about user-generated content is that it is absolutely free and is something that can be presented and used in your e-mails.

Making It More Interactive

Interactive marketing dramatically increases engagement and is becoming even more popular as tech progresses. Incorporating interactive marketing into your e-mail campaigns doesn’t have to be complicated. There are some ways you can use it within your powerful strategy, including:

  • Gifs and hover-over imagery
  • Clear CTAs
  • Design mode options
  • Polls and surveys
  • Interactive carousels to showcase products or services
  • Gamification elements
  • Interactive tests and quiz
  • Interactive holiday cards
  • Prize draws and winners

Creating Privacy-Friendly E-mails

Customers are now more aware than before of their privacy and have become more conscious of how their data is being used. Make privacy the center of all your e-mail campaigns to ensure you are meeting their expectations.

This means you have to constantly review legislation surrounding data privacy and remaining transparent with customers. Use your e-mails to inform customers of any upcoming changes to data privacy and highlight how you are protecting their information. This will also help showcase your company’s ethics in a good light.

Optimizing Email Across All social media Platforms

It might seem like a dull-brainer, but it’s integral that you optimize e-mail across all platforms. As mobile usage has recently increased amongst customers, you need to ensure they get the same level of experience that a desktop or screen use might be getting.

Customer Appreciation E-mails

A form of personalization and customer appreciation is a trend that has here to stay for a longer time. Providing a sense of value to users and customer appreciation e-mails could include sending out:

  • Personalized birthday messages with discounts
  • Early access invites
  • Thank you e-mails

Making it a Team Effort

Since e-mail marketing is a continually evolving process, it would be wise to invest in the help and support of your team. Different departments and sectors can cross-collaborate on your 2021 strategy to ensure a variety of inputs and ideas are gathered.


Q.1 What are the latest trends in e-mail marketing?

e-mail marketing trends for 2022 are as follows

  • 1: Include user-generated content.
  • 2: Use AI for optimization.
  • 3: Make more of your newsletters.
  • 4: Optimize for all platforms.
  • 5: Hyper-personalization for e-mail campaigns.
  • 6: Create more interactive e-mails.
  • 7: Add animations.
  • 8: Make sure of privacy

Q.2 What is the best e-mail marketing strategy?

One of the best E-mail marketing strategies are-

  • Split Test Your Campaigns.
  • Optimize Your Send Time.
  • Send Targeted, Segmented E-mail Sequences.
  • Customize Your E-mails Based On Actual Customer Behaviour.
  • Make It Personal.
  • Define An Clear Action You Want The Reader or customer To Take.
  • Know Why You’re Sending It.
  • Send Fewer E-mails.

Q.3 What is the best time to do e-mail marketing?

Some definite research uncovered two good times to send e-mails:10 a.m. and approximately between 4:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Q.4 How will AI change e-mail marketing strategy?

Role of AI in Email Marketing

  1. Personalize Subject Lines With AI.
  2. Collect E-mails to Increase E-mail Subscribers Base.
  3. Send Personalized Automated Newsletters.
  4. Determine Optimal Timings with Predictive Analytics.
  5. Optimize the Entire Campaign with Specific AI Tools.
  6. E-mail Promotion Customization

Q.5 What is the ROI of e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing’s power lies in its ability to provide business platforms of all sizes with an attractive return on investment. In fact, according to a famous study, the median e-mail marketing ROI is around122%.


To sum up, whether you are a beginner in e-mail marketing or an expert, we focused on the tips that can benefit both. We hope it to be a smooth learning journey with us, and we genuinely hope that it does miracles in your respective fields. Hope we helped you with our best 10 tips for E-mail Marketing in 2021.

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