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Marketing and digitalization are on the new trend. Majority of the business owners and companies rea following this new trend majorly after the post covid. The post covid pandemic has been a new era for the marketing strategies and platforms has the majority of things have changed to digitalization.

People have started advertising their products on brands on various social media and have got a major source of income also from there. After the covid -19 pandemic, social media has become an integral part of an individuals routine. people are more connected on social media than in a traditional way.

The present article is focused on the advantages of social media marketing. The article also provides a brief introduction to social media and various types of social media. In the end, there are major advantages enlisted and also the various social media marketing platforms which can serve a purpose to the content and topic.

What is social media marketing?

The term social media marketing (SMM) is described as social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services. Social media marketing provides major companies with a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones while promoting their desired culture, vision and mission, or tone. Social media marketing has purpose-full built data analytics tools that will enable marketers to track the success of their efforts.

  • Social media marketing uses major social media and social networks for marketing a company’s products and services.
  • It allows companies and customers to engage with existing customers and reach new ones to promote their culture, mission, or tone.
  • Sites and major applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are commonly used to execute social media marketing.

How Social Media Marketing Works in digitalization marketing generation

Social media and the world around us have changed the way we function as a society, including how we connect. As many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram took off the position of other apps, businesses also took notice of all around. The business has begun to use these sites to further their interests through social media marketing through these apps. That’s because these sites can change consumer expectations.

Social media websites and graphics allow marketers and companies to employ a broad range of tricks and strategies to enhance content and have people engage and retain it. Many social networks and platforms allow users to provide detailed geographical, demographic, and personal information, enabling marketers and companies to tailor their content to what is most likely to resonate with users and serve the purpose.

According to Buffer, there are major five key pillars of social media marketing which are as follows:

  • Strategy: known as the first step. This step involves primarily determining goals, the social media channels to be used, and the type of content shared.
  • Planning and Publishing: known as Businesses should draft structural plans of what their content will look like (i.e., will there be videos and Photos? How much word count?) and decide appropriately when it will be published out on the platform.
  • Listening and Engagement as per requirement: known as analyzing what users and customers need,and serve the purpose of the posts, brands, and any other business content. This may emphasize the adoption of a social media marketing engagement tool and advertising too.
  • Analytics and Reporting: known asPart of being on social media applications is knowing how far posts are going and liked by people, so reports of engagement and reach are significant
  • Advertising: known asPurchasing ads on social media is a great way to promote and further develop a brand.

Impact of Social Media on society

As per the studies, it can be concluded that,

76% of the US people have one of the social networking profiles, and by 2020, the number of worldwide social media users and customers is expected to reach 2.95 million.

Facebook is a dominating app over other social media platforms worldwide.

Other popular channels are Whatsapp, Wechat, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and YouTube.

According to the B2B community studies, we can say that-

  1. 90% of adults aged 19 to 30 use social media compared with 35%of those over 65.
  2. 84% of CEOs and VP’s say they use social media apps to help make purchasing various decisions.
  3. The social Media platform is the preferred way to communicate and explore with businesses.

Types of social media marketing-

1. Sharing of content on social media:

There are many social media marketing methods, but sharing content on social platforms is the important one. On social media channels and applications, you can provide your comments or post on texts, videos, photos. Consider the example of blogs and content such as WordPress and Tumblr.

Videos can be categorized and edited under the YouTube channel as well. YouTube is a very effective way of Video marketing channel. Snapchat and Instagram allow to post and share photos and snaps.

2. Networking services for various Social Media:

From a business platform point of view, many social networking services allow the potential for more targeted marketing. Social Media channels like Facebook have a wider audience.

There is also a short message network like Twitter; Twitter is a social platform used for sharing announcements, events, and promotions. LinkedIn is a professional platform that is more focused on employment and jobs.?

3. Building services through community:

here it means building Forums, Message boards, Yahoo, and google groups are the sites there for a huge people.

4. Review Sites:

the examples of the review sites are sites such as TripAdvisor, Makemytrip, Trivago provide consumer reviews. These sites provide updates, review comments, ratings by consumers views.

5. Social Geolocation and online meeting opportunities:

Foursquare and Meetup and other apps like google meet can bring people together in a natural environment instead of cyberspace.

These are the primary forms of Social Media Marketing where we can drive traffic.

Various apps for social media marketing

  1. Facebook
  2. Canva
  3. Instagram
  4. Telegram
  5. Linkedin
  6. Snapchat
  7. Youtube
  8. Blogger
  9. Twitter
  10. Whatsapp

In this article, we’ll elaborate on the effectiveness and advantages of social media marketing.

Imagine you spend as low as 5 hours a week on social media campaigns. And you start getting the desired results in the form of increased sales leads and traffic. The best thing is that you see this change without spending a single penny. Well, that’s what’s possible with social media having billions of users worldwide.

In essence, social media marketing is adopted by every major business that you can find. Marketers are aggressively emphasizing on its innumerable financial benefits. For starters, you can aim for business growth and attaining financial independence.

Indeed, social media has influenced so much of people’s lives around us. Businesses not using social media as a marketing strategy are losing major opportunities.

For this reason, we have tried in this article to diminish any confusion that our readers might have. Many advantages are discussed in this article for you. You can see the real potential that opting for this marketing strategy can get your business to.

Let’s get started.

Advantages of social media marketing

Undoubtedly, social media has proven itself to be a revolutionary advancement of the modern era. It has become one of the most cost-effective methods for digital marketing. Social media has proved its worth in changing the course of marketing strategies.

Brand Awareness:

With effective social media marketing campaigns, entrepreneurs are successfully syndicating their content and increase the market footing of their brand. Gone are the days of traditional money and labour-intensive ways of presenting your business activities to the world.

As a result, brand awareness has been made accessible to a larger audience worldwide with the help of rigorous social media marketing tactics.

Also, the social media market has provided a perfect platform for engaging with a broad range of customers worldwide. The sharing of a particular brand activity is as simple as liking and sharing that content on various pages. Re-sharing of content gives it a unique advantage of introduction to a new network of potential customers without any cost.

Generation of more traffic:

In the absence of social media, business professionals had access to a limited number of people. They had fewer opportunities even after engaging all the possible marketing tactics. They had to struggle in finding new customers or reaching out to people other than their regular customers.

In contrast, social media marketing works differently. Your loyal customers can act as a marketing agent by soliciting and recommending your content on various platforms. Your marketing efforts combined with stamps of satisfaction by loyal customers can work two ways in your favour.

Usually, business activity has to deal with people with different backgrounds, behaviours, accessibility, and interest. This difference in various categories makes them connect with businesses in their own different ways. Social media marketing proves to be a melting point for such a wide variety of people.

Besides, it has organically made your business reachable to people with different demographics. In this way, more traffic is possible on your brand’s social media platforms which leads to more lead conversions.

Search engine optimization:

Getting a strong social media footing is necessary for generating traffic. However, one has to do more than that to make a significant difference. That’s when successful search engine optimization can work in your favour.

Basically, search engine optimization is the ranking of your social footing in major search engines used by billions of people worldwide. The higher the rank and SEO of your website, the more likely it is going to be visible to customers worldwide. In this way, it can generate a tremendous amount of sales on its own.

Consequently, if your ranking is not great, it will result in your website being not in the top searched categories. This will make it less accessible to people.

Revolutionary change can be witnessed in your brand’s traffic if the right keywords are used for your business. Right keywords will result in getting your social media link to the top searches.

Let’s just face the fact that most people don’t have that temperament. It is highly unlikely for people to search for something on Google and go beyond the searches on page no. 1. What that means is that, with proper search engine optimization, it can do wonders for your business.

All of this is the magic of social media marketing.

Increased conversion rates:

Having a rigorous social media campaign allows your content to be more visible as consistency is key at this stage. With more visibility of content, more opportunities can be produced in the form of leads and increased conversion rates. This is another one of the advantages of social media marketing in online and digital marketing.

Indeed, social media works in a way that every blog post, every image or video contributes individually. This impacts in growing your business and spreading a positive impression through presenting a humanizing factor.

Besides, personification is done in this way, where a brand interacts with people by going to their level on social media. And rest assured, people, like to do business with other people, not companies. Through social media, they can connect with a personified brand at another level.

Brands are putting more time and effort into the development of relationships with people from the grass-roots level. Various surveys were conducted among top marketers around the world.

Over 60 % of marketers claimed that they witnessed a spike in their sales figures and develop a long term relationship. And the main reason for that was interacting with random people on social media on a humanized level.

Enhanced customer satisfaction:

Social media being a networking and communication platform requires your humanized touch in interacting with potential or existing customers. People usually give more attention and reliance on brands with humanized and personalized content.

Similarly, they expect to get the same attention from your side as well. They appreciate brands feedback if they feel that they are getting personalized responses rather than from automated software.

Social media allows you to enhance your customers’ satisfaction level. And how can you do this?

Well, through prompt query resolutions, instant responses, and showing compassion towards them. All of this results in the enhancement of a positive brand image and satisfaction of customers at the same time.

Brand loyalty:

What’s the one thing that every business owner wants in regards to its long term business activity? Well, brand loyalty is one of the most desired factors. If your brand has a loyal customer base, it can take your business to a whole new level. And this loyalty demands that they continue to do so.

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are correlated factors that any business owner can wish for. Through social media, you are not just posting content and introducing your promotional campaigns. It’s more of a relationship-building platform.

Without a doubt, the more interaction that you have with people on social media, the more are your chances of getting people’s attention.
This unique feature of real-time interaction does not exist elsewhere other than social media platforms.


Undeniably, social media marketing has no competitor when it comes to cost-effectiveness. So what do you need to do after opting for a social media marketing strategy? That will be signing up on various social networking platforms and you are good to go.

Social media has become a perfect substitute for money intensive traditional marketing campaigns and promotions. Even huge brands are opting to save the cost of advertisement through social media marketing. This large chunk of marketing cost reduction has favourably impacted companies in the form of increased return on investment.

Also, paid promotions on social media are also relatively low as compared to other options. You can always test if a paid promotion is working in your favour or not. And then decide if you need to invest more in that paid activity or not.

Even with just a small investment in paid promotions, you can visibly observe an increase in conversion rates and sales leads.

Market place insight:

This is another one of the advantages of social media marketing. As a business owner, you need to stay updated with what’s going on in the market. You have to know what the market INS / OUTS are and what your customers expect from the brands. Well, social media provides all of these market insights which are very valuable for any startup.

Apart from this, there is no better way of getting to know customers’ needs than interacting with them on a personal level. That is only possible through social media platforms.

Also, social media enables you in analyzing your customer’s activities, interests, and opinions that otherwise may be missed by you.

Besides, social media also allows you to analyze the demographics of your followers and helps in the segmentation of your content syndication.

As a result, you have clear and quantifiable data to measure conversion rates and make changes as needed.

Final Thoughts:

To sum up, social media has become a certified digital marketing tool, highly recommended by marketing gurus of the modern era. You cannot miss this awesome free of cost opportunity to take your business activity to a whole new level.

We hope that through this article, we have analyzed the pros of social media marketing in appropriate detail. We wish you the best of luck in the execution of your social media marketing strategy. For professional help, you can visit Fiverr to hire the best experts online. read the above article carefully about the advantages of social media marketing and conclude wisely. Happy reading.

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