8 Types of Blogging mistakes to avoid

Let’s explain 8 types of blogging mistakes that you should avoid to increase productive nature of your blogs. Blogging is exciting, inexpensive, and a great way to express yourself. If you’re good at it, you make good money from it too. And, if your blog becomes popular, it’s a great asset for digital marketing. Moreover, there is a lot of freedom when it comes to blogging and there are no hanging deadlines. But, there are millions and millions of blogs that fail to make their mark on the audience. Many fail to take off in the beginning. Others start good but then fall prey to the banal routines of their publishers. Still others do not make money even with good traffic and therefore perish after a while. The question is, why some blogs are making an insane amount of money while others fail to even attract dozens of visitors per month? The answer is not a simple yes or no. It’s complicated. There are many complex reasons and each needs some careful attention. There are many issues and different reasons for the failure, but some are the most common and therefore can be avoided.  In our experience, most of the blogs that fail, commit one or more of these 8 types of blogging mistakes that you should avoid.

The Copycat: Living other people’s lives

We’ll start with the sneaky copycats. They are the ones who only rely on copying ideas from others and don’t try to use their brain. They assume that if someone else became successful through a certain content type or technique, they can ace it too. The problem is that original can never be replaced. There is no way you can copy someone else’s idea, make it your own, and expect the same results. For one thing, people are not stupid. They find out as soon as they land on a blog whether the content is original or borrowed. Secondly, the person you copy has done many other things as well that you’re not familiar with. They might have used a backend technique that you’d never find out. They might have had an advantage other than their creativity. This ends in a disaster and the copycat does not get the result what it wanted. Besides, they lose their standing as someone who is not capable enough to trust themselves and their ability and creativity. This is one of the 8 Types of Blogging mistakes to avoid. Moral: Be yourself! Listen to what Katy Perry says in Firework, “You’re original Cannot be replaced!”

The instant gratification monkey

This phrase is borrowed from Tim Urban’s blog but we are using it a bit differently here. What we mean by instant gratification monkey is being restless and expecting results too early. It’s like you want it now what can only be achieved tomorrow! Google takes time to rank your blog on its search engine. Your content, even the best one, needs a certain amount of time to incubate before it can produce a fine result. This time of waiting is crucial and necessary. Many people lose heart and leave the blog for pursuing another one. One reason for doing that could be the lack of passion for the content and more affection for the money. In that case, they jump from one project to another but their instant gratification is never fulfilled. If you’re a blogger, don’t do that to yourself. Don’t waste all your effort to go after another project. Moral: Patience is a virtue! (And it pays too, trust us!)

The addiction of SEO

Don’t be addicted to SEO! It’s a wonderful thing and we’ll explain below why you should not ignore it, but there is more to blog content than just SEO. Many bloggers and website owners in digital and online marketing make this mistake and pay for it with interest. Search Engine Optimization is not a substitute for creative and unique content that pulls the customers to itself. Your customer does not care about how well you’ve optimized your article for SEO. No one wants to indulge in technicalities. It’s a rather common type of blogging mistake. What customers want? Just captivating and engaging content. If you provide that, Google will rank you higher as the time spent by each visitor on your blog will be longer. Conversely, if you highly optimize your website for SEO, but your content is trash, Google will demote your position. Moral: Make the content king, keep SEO as the minister!

The denial of SEO

This takes us to another mistake that many bloggers commit. They completely ignore the SEO techniques. This may work if you’re a celebrity and have a lot of following on social media. In that case, your article will be famous anyways. But, if you’re not a crazy-famous celebrity, you need SEO to rank higher on Google. You cannot deny its importance in the promotion of your blog. A good article, which is also SEO optimized will sell more through traffic than a great article without SEO. Besides, a good SEO optimized blog won’t need much-paid promotions. The advertising and blog marketing budget will below and you can spend that amount on something other than marketing. Since SEO is not that expensive, either you can do it yourself and thus free. Or you can go to Fiverr and hire an expert at reasonable prices. Moral: Don’t live in a denial mode, do the SEO!

The lazy lizard: Not posting content on the blog

This is a problem closely associated with procrastination and laziness in general. Writing is a difficult process; one that needs attention, the right frame of mind, and a creative spirit. But, this does not mean that these things come once in a blue moon. They are usually present if you’re otherwise alright. Writer’s block is a real thing but laziness can also be a reason why you’re not posting on your blog. To make sure, you should sit on your table or whatever your writing crib is. If you still cannot write, it’s a problem. But, if you cannot sit at that place then it’s just laziness and you need to get rid of it. Moral: Move yourself around the writing work!

The drifters: Irregular in publishing content

Another type of mistake in blogging is drifting from highest to lowest amount of content publishing. In this mistake, bloggers write two articles per day and publish dozens of articles at once. But, for other times, they just stop publishing and ignore the blog for weeks. This is not the right strategy for blogging. And it does not bode well for your SEO strategy as well. If you publish irregular content, your blog will not be visited regularly by your loyal visitors. This will decrease the ranking of the blog. Moral: You don’t need to be slow, just be steady, and you’ll win the race!

The Monks: Not monetizing properly

You’re not a digital marketer if you’re working for free. Even with non-for-profit blogs, there is an opportunity to earn money. Still, many bloggers in digital marketing make this mistake. They either fail to monetize the blog at all, or they don’t do it properly. This results in poor performance of the blog and thus a waste of effort and time. To avoid this mistake, you must learn how to market your blog and how to monetize your content properly. When you’re in the digital marketing business, learn to make money for every little opportunity. Moral: Make money while capitalism is around! 

The humble pies: Not promoting blog content

Are you modest? Are you humble? Good, these are all great traits to have in your personality. However, these great qualities are only meant for you, not for your content. Your content needs a considerable amount of promotion and you should not hold yourself in promoting it on every platform across the internet. Many bloggers commit this mistake, they think their content does not need marketing. While we hope that this is true, the reality is that even great content could use some marketing. Also, when you’re doing a lot of marketing for many of your clients, why not market your content? Moral: Be humble, but only after you’ve told a hundred people about your latest blog post!

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed 8 Types of Blogging mistakes to avoid. To sum it all up, there are many mistakes that content and digital marketing professionals commit while blogging. These mistakes cost them both money and effort. A successful blog must utilize all the resources possible on the internet. It will enhance its reach and effectiveness. Moral of the discussion: Simple, try not to make all these mistakes!

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