14 Proven Ways For 12 TO 14 Year Old Make Money Online

As a teenager, many of you must be thinking of getting yourself started with some income to be financially independent. Due to some of the other situations here, teenagers are highly influenced to earn money very early.

Usually, people in this age group have to focus mainly on their studies, but part of it few populations are driven towards making money either online or offline.

As per the foreign culture, they are earning money as a teenager is not an awful act. In India, here the trend is still to come up. The present article is based on how to make money as 13 year old, how to make money online as a teenager.

The article, 14 proven ways for 12 to 14 year old teenagers to make money online, mainly delivers you the safest and most authentic way to earn money online as a teenager.

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Teenager- an independent age group

A teenager is a group of people who are directly influenced and confused about their path as well. This age group, due to some of the other reasons, has proved to be financially independent. Teenagers nowadays are more influenced by earning money on online platforms. The work from home-based online solutions with a proper wage attracts the teenager more.

How to make money online as a teenager?

In the current era of highly advanced technologies and online platforms, it has become relatively easy to make money online as a teenager by multiple sources. Here are some top 5 best ways to make money online as a teenager. The ways are safe and include minimal risk as well.

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Online tutor

On the first position, we highly recommend one to be an online tutor. By the age of 12 or 13 years, you must be interested in one of the most favourite subjects in your study curriculum. You can opt for that subject as an online tutor with your unique skills to explain the problems in that particular subject.


  • Highly professional job
  • Nice wage
  • Respectful job


It would help if you were skilled enough and unique enough to engage the students.


The blog is the new trend. Either you choose to be an online food blogger or a travel blogger, or a beauty product blogger, you are ready to go with your unique way of expressing your content and engaging the audience.


  • Online mode
  • Can write the blog at your ease


  • Content should be unique and error-free.
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Vlog is a video blog that is highly in trend, published mainly by teenager groups on various social media platforms. As per the studies, teenagers are highly influenced by vlogging as they have fun and earn money.


  • Can make creative videos and reels
  • Can work as per your requirement
  • No hustle


Your ideas of the presentation should be unique and should be attractive enough to increase your audience.

Online surveyor

Have you ever heard about any online survey? Yes, it’s a highly safe and authentic online job for making money as a teenager. If you are aware of the various online surveys about different subjects and options, then this can be your ultimate solution to earn money as a teenager online.


  • 13 year old can make money from this source
  • 14 year old can make money from this source


  • You need to be skillful and avail knowledge about the subject before carrying survey.

Freelancing work

Freelancing work is all about you are not bound to any platform or any business company. It’s all about your credibility and your skills. It is known as the safest way to make money online.


  • 12 year old can make money online from this method
  • Easy to work
  • No, fix working hours


  • You need to focus well on the projects and deliver them as per the deadline.

14 proven ways for 12- to 14-year-old teenagers to make money online

There are numerous proven ways for 12- to 14-year-old teenagers to make money by both online and offline mode. This part of the article is mainly focused as a heart of the article availing the readers best safe and authentic methods to make money online as a teenager.

We have come up with the best 14 proven ways for 12 to 14 year old teenagers to make money online, as listed with its advantages and disadvantages as below.

Do survey

As the first choice, surveys are a productive way of earning money from both online and offline modes. It is safe too. Any age group can opt for it. Can survey with a joint venture with any company or platform or maybe your requirement. You can further publish your survey to monetize it.


  • Easy way
  • Anyone can opt for it
  • Can do as per your ease


  • You must be aware and should have minimum knowledge about the subject of the survey.

Create attractive pintables

Are you aware of different printable applications available to you on mobile phones and your laptop? It would help if you needed an excellent creative mind with a smartphone or a computer. You can design effective pintables like visiting cards, brochures for the business platforms, and others.


  • Work form home
  • Work as per your ease
  • No, fix working hours


  • Unique and creative creation

Sell your unwanted things.

Your house must be having a corner where you have all your unwanted things dumped or kept aside, which are of no use to you. The items may include some of the clothes, toys, your old books, or any other stationary stuff that may serve other people. You can sell them on a low wage and can earn a nice amount of pocket money.


  • You can remove all your unwanted things from the house, which may be essential to other


  • Be careful about the things that should not be broken or torn.
  • The items should be in excellent condition.

Sell your paintings

Is painting your passion? Are you a painter? If yes, then this section is best for you. Create your passionate painting with different styles and unique, attractive colors, and you can sell them both in an online or offline exhibition.


  • Passion can generate the best income source
  • 13 year old can make money online from this


  • should not copy your painting

Start a bakery

Everyone dreams of becoming a home cook or a home chef in this world by making some delicious and mouth-watering cakes and loaves of bread. If this is your passion, you can surely convert it into your primary income source as well. You need to advertise and market your skills as well.


  • Can take online orders
  • Can take orders as per your need


  • Needs sincerity and dedication to deliver the order on time

Start a small business.

Small and home businesses are in a significant trend. Most of the home businesses are run by multiple teenager groups from 23 to 15 years of age. Small companies may include making some creative home cards for festivals, earrings, neckless and many more. You can create your idea and can make them monetize well as per the fair wage.


  • Small business requires less capital
  • Can earn with no limits


  • Proper marketing and strategic work is required

Sell out some books near the school or college campus

Books and journals are the essential things that one needs in a school. Selling them just near to any school or college can make you earn a nice amount of money as well. You can be more effective with the selling part as you can offer some exciting discounts on multiple purchases of books and stationery.


  • Ideal for 14 year old to make money
  • No fix time
  • Can earn more when working with the different discount strategy


  • Your marketing skills should be prominent
  • Not for 12 year old to make money online

Babysitting for siblings

Baby-sitting and many works are best known in the family itself. It is the safest as you do not need to step out of the house and have fun playing with the child. You can ask for some money from your family members too after your babysitting is done.


  • Work from home basis
  • Safest way


  • It would help if you enjoyed the work and not be burdened one

Do some house chores

Doing some household chores or helping your elders and your parents can also avail some money and blessings. This can be a meaningful deed and a way to earn money on an accessible basis.


  • Can earn a nice amount of pocket money
  • Can make some blessing of the elders too


  • You need to work with a whole heart

Assist your teacher

Assisting your teacher in a school in an offline mode or assisting them in online classes with the online mode is one way that is proven to make some money as a teenager. You can assist your teacher in helping them check papers, taking attendance, helping with the worksheets as well.


  • Both online and offline modes are available
  • Ideal for 14 year old to make money online


  • It would help if you were regular and consistent for the work

A garbage sale for the commission

There are backyards and garages where you have plenty of garbage littering and smelling well. You can know about collecting all the garbage on behalf of someone and get some commission out of it.


  • Can earn easy commission
  • Ideal for 12 year old to make money as a teenager


  • It would help if you were skillful

Pet sitting

Are you a pet lover? If yes, then this passion will make your journey to make money from this very enjoyable. Get a job as a pet sitter and caretaker, and you can enjoy yourself with them and earn money as well. This is in high demand as people are now busy with their mechanical life, which cannot avail time for their pets.


  • Ideal for 13 year old to make money as a teenager
  • Can enjoy playing with the pet


  • Offline mode of work

Dog walker

The dog is an animal who needs a walk, maybe morning or evening, for their regular litter and other requirements. You can work as a dog walker, which can avail you of money and a nice walk to boost your fitness level.


  • Can play with dog
  • Can earn handsome amount of money


  • Offline work mode

Wash cars

Washing cars and vehicles are the last proven way to earn online as a 12 to 14 years teenager, which is safe and authentic. The teenager can wash the cars as per their need.


  • No fix hours
  • Ideal for 12 year old to make money as a teenager


  • Offline mode of work

Best high paying online jobs for teenager

Here are some of the best ways and examples of the best high-paying online jobs for teenagers. 

The jobs are ideal for 12 to 14 years of age teenagers if they are opting for the online mode to earn some amount of money. the list is as follows-

  1. Online content writer
  2. Freelancing
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Play online games
  5. Website designer
  6. Publish your book
  7. Start your you-tube channel


Q.1 How can a 14 year old earn money online?

For such homebound teens during the summer vacations, here are a few ways to earn some income and gain valuable experience.

  • Freelance work
  • Instagram influencer
  • Blogging/Vlogging
  • Amazon Associates online
  • Online surveys
  • Design t-shirts online
  • Rent, sell books, online tutoring, project work
  • Storytelling via podcasts

Q.2 How can a 12 year old make money online?

There can be ample ways to earn money at the early age of 12 years. They are as follows- online surveys, blogging, freelancing, marketing, making funny videos and clips and many more.

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Q.3 What jobs can a 14 year old do online?

Here is a list of five top online jobs for teens looking to earn extra money during their free time: Online surveys and reviews.

  • Online surveys and reviews.
  • Other online tasks.
  • Online merchandiser.
  • Creative freelance jobs.
  • Online tutor.


Adding up the last words, teenagers are highly influenced to be financially independent between the ages of 12 to 14 years. They tend to research for online jobs as well.

The above article on 14 proven ways for 12 to 14 years age teenagers to make money online avails basic information about the safest and authentic work options.

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